The Tools

    Smith Hammer
    Small Forge

The Interface

    · Creating Items:
            Find a forge and anvil and stand next to them. Double-click a smith’s hammer or sledgehammer in your inventory.
        A menu will appear displaying the items that are available to craft (depending on your skill level and the amount of
        ingots in your inventory). Click the box next to the item you wish to craft. Now click OK. If you are successful, the
        crafted item you selected appears in your backpack. You may create multiple copies of the same item by clicking
        the box labeled “Make Last” in your blacksmith menu. This is an easy way to make copies without going to the
        window with the item multiple times. At higher levels of skill you may create exceptional items and mark them
        with a maker’s mark identifying you as the creator of the item.

    · Repairing Items
            To Repair an item, you need to find a forge and anvil like before. When you find a place, double click on your smith
        hammer or sledge hammer in your inventory. When the screen with all the available items to crafts shows up, you will
        notice three options at the bottom; Make last, Smelt Item, and Repair Item. Select repair item option. A target cursor will
        appear and you are instructed to select the item you wish to repair. Now target the item you want to repair. If the item
        needed repair, it will say "You repair the item." The degree of repair is depends on your Blacksmithing skill.

    · Smelting Items
         The method of smelting items is similar to the method used to repair items. Instead of selecting repair item, click
        on the smelt item option. A target cursor will appear for you to select the item you want to smelt. Now target the item
        you want smelted and if your blacksmithing skill is high enough, you will get more ingots from the item.

Related Skills
    Mining - you can''t make weapons and armor out of nothing
    Arms lore - Comes in handy when deciding if something needs repairs

BlackSmith Charts and Tables
    Ringmail Armor
    Chainmail Armor
    Platemail Armor

    Pole Arms
    Spears & Forks
    Swords & Blades
    Maces & Hammers

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