"The Crimea award"  is been established by the Crimean branch  of the Ukrainian Amateur Radio League.The award is full coloured picture  of the Swallow's Nest castle - the symbol of the Crimea. The size of the award is 192mm X 281 mm and the density of the paper is 300 gr./m2.  To  qualify  for  the  award  amateurs and SWL's from Europe must  collect  20 QSOs (SWLs)  with  different  stations  from  the Crimean  Republic, from other continents - 10 QSOs (SWLs). The prefixes  in the calls  of the Crimean radioamateurs are UU, UT#J, EM#J, EN#J, EO#J.  Dupe  contacts is not valid.  No QSL-cards are required. All contacts since 1.01.1994  on  all  bands  and  modes  are  valid.  QSLs from the Crimean SWL  stations are also valid.
                   Award fee is  10 IRC's or 5 USD
The award manager is UU2JQ. Please send your application verified by two licensed   radioamateurs  or local club officials with fee  to the c/o LY1DS:
            Dainius Savicius, P.O. Box 1274, Vilnius-56, Lithuania.
Further information via e-mail: