Award " 75 years of LVIV Shortwave Club "
Special jubilee award "75 years of Lviv Shortwave Club" is issued by Lviv branch of Ukrainian amateur radio League in occasion of 75-th anniversary foundation one of the first European amateur radioclubs.
To earn this award you must collect 75 points since  January,1th till December,31th 2001. QSO with expedition EM70DXG ( june of 2000 ), special jubilee station EM75W counts 25 points; QSO with UR4WWE, G3PTN, RU3DX(UR3WDX), VA3UA, UR0UL, KK4WW(US5WUS), KK4WWW(US5WMV), N0ISL(UR5WJD), K2JV, SP8NFE(UR5WHA) - counts 10 points.
QSOs with stations from Lviv region of Ukraine (usually letter W follows after the prefix) counts 3 points. QSO points which were made during December are multiplied by two.
There are no limitations for band and modes. Each station can be worked no more than 3 times (different bands or modes).
Fullcolor award (size 4).
The fee is 3 IRCs or 2 USD.
GCR list should be sent until March,31th 2002 to:
Serge Krivokhizh (UR5WAN), P.O.Box 2071, Lviv, 79040, UKRAINE
More information by VA3UA