Ukraine 2000 award
EM, UKRAINE (Free Award!). The Ukranian Amateur Radio League (UARL) will be active in the IARU HF World Championship, from the UARL Headquarters using the special callsign EM0HQ. The HQ station's site (UR4MZL) is in Lisichansk city. The team leader is Vladimir Grushevskiy, UX2MM. The QSL Manager for the team is Shevchenko Alexader, UR5EAW. The team is hoping to hit the World record. A "FREE" award is availble for working this station with "NO APPLICATION" to fill out. To receive the UARL's "Ukraine 2000" award, the rules are simple:
1. Work EM0HQ during theWorld Championship
2. For DX stations - 2 QSOs any mode
3. For European station - 4 QSOs any mode
Again, NO award application is needed. The award application is the log of EM0HQ. The award is free and is sent through the bureau. This information was provide by Alexander, UR5EAW, QSL Manager for EM0HQ. For any questions, send E-mail to: