Home Haven Award
Award is issued by radio amateurs-seamen of Odesa city.
A total of 50 points for contacts needs to be collected.
Contacts must be made after the 1st of August 1991,
all available bands and modes are valid, repeated QSO on
different bands. Contacts through VHF repeaters are not count.
Two QSO with Ukrainian maritime mobile station should be
established at least, each count as 15 points.
(/mm) QSO with cities-ports of Odesa region gives 2 points.
QSO with expeditions of local hams gives 10 points.
(/p) During festivities: 1.04 - 2.04 - "Humorina"
10.04 - 12.04 - "Odesa Liberation Day"
2.09 - 3.09 - "Odesa City Birthday" -
each QSO with stations from Odessa gives 5 points.
Cities-ports of Odesa region: Odesa, Yuzhny, Illichivsk,
Izmail, Bilhorod-Dnestrovsky, Vilkovo, Kilia, Reni -
are located on the shores of the Black Sea and Danube river.
Award Fee: US $ 5 
Award Manager:
Reutov Eugeny V. p.o.box 2,
Odesa-62 65062 Ukraine