The "Odessa" award :
The Odessa branch of the Ukrainian Amateur Radio League (UARL) issued the <Odessa> award. It's available to all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs everywhere in the world for the QSOs (SWL) with amateur stations from Odessa city and Odessa region. The award can be obtained for establishing the following number of QSOs (SWLs):

All bands 160 only VHF only (50 Hz and above)
Ukraine        30           15            10
Europe         20           10              5
DX              10            5               3

All the QSOs (SWL) since January the 1st 2000 on all bands using any mode
are valid. QSL cards from SWLs of Odessa and Odessa region are counted for
this award too. The structure of the Odessa region call signs: UR:UZ, EM:EO - digit -
F -suffix (0, 1, 2 letters). Out-of-system calls: U5FN, U5FP, UX5CQ, UX5HY,UT5RD, UT5RH, UT5RO, UT5RP, UT5RW.
Award fee: 5 $ (10 IRC)
The application form based on the logs data must be signed by two licensed radio amateurs or an official of the local radio club and sent to the award manager (UX0FY):
Eugene Reutov
P.O.Box 2
65062 Odessa-62

The "Odessa" award