Before everything else, I would like everyone to know about this important common mistake. It is the mistake of interchanging the word "pangalan" and "pangngalan". Please remember that "pangalan" means name and "pangngalan" means noun. Notice the underlined syllables of the two words? Remember "pangalan" which is name has only one "ng" while "pangngalan" which means noun have two "ng".

Back to Nouns, it is Pangngalan. A noun is the name of a person, place, thing and events. The Filipino language also has two types of nouns: Proper Noun (Tiyak) and common noun (di-tiyak). Just like the English rule, Proper nouns should start with a capital letter and common noun shouldn't start with a capital letter but a small letter...except when it is the first word of the sentence.


I hope you understood the examples and explanation. If you have not understood my explanation well or you want something added, feel free to e-mail me. Just click on "MAIL ME" at the upper menu.