Career Exploration

To earn the Career Exploration pin, you must complete the first two requirements below and at least one of the suggested options.  Options can be individual or group projects.

                        1.   Read the discussion of careers in Chapter 4 of A Resource Book For Senior Girl Scouts.

                        2.  Write your own résumé. See pages 101-103 in A Resource Book For Senior Girl Scouts for assistance.

         Option 1:  Plan A Career
        Bring people and careers together to meet a need in your community.

          Option 2:  Plan a Trip to Explore Careers
        This is an opportunity to go where the careers or career training can be found.  Your travels can lead you to the workplace, training facilities, or colleges.

         Option 3:  Carry Out a Career Internship
        This is an opportunity to go beyond reading and to mentor with someone who is in a career that truly interests you.

        Here are some hints:

                 Option 4:  Get a Paying Job
        Getting a job after school, on weekends, or over a school holiday that pays money can be a valuable experience for a teenager.  Even if you are working in a capacity that will not become a future career, you are still acquiring important skills. 1