Cookie Sale and Other
Fund Raisers

    Fund raisers are a great way to earn money so you can take special trips that may cost your troop money.  Many troops from the past have had many ways in which they managed to earn the money they needed for special occasions or trips.
    The cookie sale and the QSP sale are very good fund raisers.  For these two fund raisers, you must have a chairperson (not yourself or your co-leader).  Make sure you have this taken care of before September.  In September, the Town Cookie Manager will call you to ask for your "cookie mom."  (QSP is not until February).  These people will be trained by the Town Cookie Manager and the Town QSP Manager.  They in turn will speak to your troop and train them in selling procedures.  Hopefully, at the end of the sale, your "cookie mom" or "QSP mom" will have been successful and will only a deposit slip (to deposit your profit in your troop account) from you.
    If you need to do other fund raising, you must ask permission from the owner (ex. consignment sale in front of grocery store) or person in charge of the activity (ex. bake sales at a soccer game) to sell your products.  And always remember that troops are not allowed to fund raise before cookie sales.  When you have decided what fund raising activity you will use, you must inform the Service Unit Manager for the Girl Scouts and tell her the date of fund raising and what you will do.
    Here are some ideas from experienced leaders in town.

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