Cadette Girl Scout Leadership Award

The Cadette Girl Scout Leadership Award requires you to participate in experiences that strengthen leadership skills.  Earning this recognition is a two-step process.  First you must:
    ~read about leadership in Chapter 2 of the Cadette Girl Scout Handbook.
    ~Complete the leadership inventory activity in the Leadership interest project in Cadette and Senior Girl Scout Interest Projects.

Second, you must put your knowledge of leadership to work.  After you complete the above requirements, you must demonstrate leadership skills in two or more settings.  Some suggestions for leadership projects are:
    ~serve a term as an officer in a group
    ~assist in the leadership of younger children
    ~take charge of planning a group trip or special event
    ~complete a long-range planning calendar for your troop
    ~shadow or work with an adult in a leadership position

Your leadership experience must total at least 25 hours.  No matter how you divide the 25 hours, you must spend at least three hours on any given project.  Also, you can work more than 25 hours.  Finally, keep a log of your leadership experience and evaluate your own leadership abilities.