Longer Field Trips
Age Group
Boston Jrs. and up See Mrs. Maher & Mrs. Allen
Charleston and Savannah Jrs. and up See Mrs. Maher
Dorney Park, Pa. (amusement park) Br. and up
Hershey Park (amusement park) Br. and up Hershey, Pa.
See Mrs. Maher
Iceland Cad.Sr. See Mrs. September (U.S.R.)
London Cad.Sr. See Mrs. Maher (U.S.R.)
Longwood Gardens, Pa Br. and up
Mystic Seaport (historical town) Br. and up Mystic, Ct.
See Mrs. Allen
Philadelphia Daisies, Br. See Mrs. Maher
Pine Grove Dude Ranch Jrs. and up
Rocking Horse Ranch (dude ranch) Br. and up Kerhonkson, NY
See Mrs. Maher
Sesame Place (amusement park for small children) Daisies, Br. 600 Rt. 44-55 Highland, NY 12528
Switzerland, Our Chalet Cad.Sr. See Mrs. Maher (U.S.R.)
Washington DC Br. and up See Mrs. Maher (U.S.R.)

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