The Senior Girl Scout Challenge

        This Challenge asks you to put the Girl Scout Promise and Law into action.  When you combine your talents and energies with your values and convictions, you can make a positive difference in the lives of other.  You can work on the activities alone or with others who share your interests.

           Section 1Developing Your Potential
        Challenge:  Design a self development plan.

                       Education                    Work
                       Friends                         Family
                       Health                          Recreation            Section 2:  Relating to Others
        Challenge:  Examine your skills in relating to others.            Section 3:  Developing Values for Living
        Challenge: Decide on what you value the most.                 Section 4: Contributing to Society
         Challenge: Participate in a service project that will benefit something you value in your community in some way.  You may join an effort directed by others, but be sure you choose an activity that is personally important.  There are ideas for service projects in every chapter.  Your effort should total a minimum of 15 hours.  When the project is complete, consider the following:             Section 5:  Helping Others Know About Girl Scouting
         Challenge: Get involved in Girl Scouting beyond your troop/group.  You may select an activity from the ones listed or develop your own plan to help others know about Girl Scouting.             After you have completed the five challenges in this recognition, use the questions below to help you and your leader evaluate your experience.

    1.  What have you discovered about the world of Girl Scouting?

    2.  In what situations have you demonstrated a real understanding of the Promise and the Law by applying them to everyday living?

    3.  How has your project benefited others?

    4.  What are some possible ways that you could continue to show your concern in this area in the future?

    5.  In what ways have you shown that you are capable of self direction?  In what ways were you able to work, and share with a group?

    6.  What other things have you learned about yourself?

    7.  How have you demonstrated what you value?

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