This project builds upon your accomplishments in Girl Scouting and represents your personal action plan for helping others.  The project could be done in or outside of Girl Scouting and must reflect some aspect of community service.  If the project is done within Girl Scouting, you must reach out to the community in some way for example, by calling on people outside Girl Scouts as resources, doing something that reaches girls who aren't Girl Scouts, or affecting something that is used by people other than just Girl Scouts.
    The Silver Award project has five steps.  Your project, including planning and execution, should take a minimum of 30 hours.  The actual implementation of the project should take from 7 to 10 hours.  Obtain a copy of the Cadette Girl Scout Silver Award Report Form from your council office to keep a record of your Silver Award work.  Fill it out completely and keep a copy for yourself and your advisor.
    Review Safety Wise for do's and don'ts.  You should work with your Girl Scout council on any project that will impact Girl Scouting or Girl Scout property.  As with any other project, you must have approval if you plan to raise funds or solicit donations.

The following steps will help you organize and carry out the Girl Scout Silver Award project:

STEP 1:  Decide which values, experience, and skills you would like to put into action through the Silver Award project.

STEP 2:  Decide on a project that will use your personal strengths to help others.  You can work with your school, the community, a religious group, or Girl Scouting.

STEP 3:  Identify the people with whom you will work: Those who will help and guide you, those who will work with you, those whom you hope to help.  Be sure to include a Girl Scout leader or another adult from your council.

STEP 4:  Create a timeline and a budget, if necessary.  If you work with a group, divide jobs and set up a way to ensure that everyone is on track.

STEP 5:  Carry out your plan.  This final step of your project should total at least seven hours.  This may be done all on one day or divided in to segments.  When you have completed your project, write a brief evaluation.  Share the evaluation with your adviser and council representative.