Since the end of the Dominion War two years ago, thirteen Dominion ships have entered the Alpha Quadrant through the Bajoran Wormhole and have attacked Deep Space Nine, nearly destroying her on one occasion. Starfleet has added numerous ships to the Bajoran sector patrol fleet, but the Jem'Hadar continue to come through. Many have escaped the patrols and are hiding in various locations throughout the Alpha Quadrant. A message sent from the Founders state that a band of rogue Alpha Jem'Hadar are no longer under their control and are responsible for the attacks. Starfleet suspects that they aren't telling us the whole truth. There are also rumors that the Dominion is amassing a fleet in the Gamma Quadrant, possibly preparing for another war. That's where we come in.

   My name is Commodore Alexander Tercha,  welcome aboard. This is my flag ship the USS Stonewall Jackson.  She is an Akira Class Starship that is currently assigned as the Flagship for Task Force Alpha in the Gamma Quadrant.  I am always looking for crew members and there will be more ships for Task Force Alpha as soon as we fill 25% of the slots aboard the Jackson.

    This is a Play by Email (PBEM) Star Trek Roleplaying game.  Feel free to look around the site even though it is still under construction.  You can reach the groups site here.  I have some more pictures on the groups page. 

You are person Counterto beam aboard the USS Stonewall Jackson since March 1, 2002.


Crew Manifest - This is the current compliment of crew onn board the Jackson.

PBeM? - This is a small help guide for those that have never played a PBeM before.

Engineering - Here you will find information on the Akiira-class Heavy Cruiser

Main Computer - This is a database of information from the Starfleet Database

The Marine Barracks - This is the home of the 29th Marine Detachment "Onyx Dragons"

and the 123rd Marine Airborn Attack Squadron "Thor's Hammer"

Flight Deck - This the home of Fighter Wing VF-198 "Hell's Fire"

Ships Log - This is the story so far Starting with Episode One

Sign on as Crew - Here is where you can join the PBeM

Sign Captain's Log - Please leave your name and rank in my log.

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