Crew of the USS Vesuvius-A

Commodore Sonak Reckus, Commanding officer
Commander First Class Logan Byrne, First Officer
Command team

Lieutenant Commander Tovan, Chief Navigations Officer
Navigation teams

Commander First Class Fox, Chief Science Officer
Science teams

Lieutenant Commander Marco D'Angelo, Chief Medical Officer
Medical teams

Vacant, Chief Counseling Officer
Counseling teams

Commander Vander Halthor, Chief Engineering Officer
Engineering teams

Ensign Anthony An, Chief Security and Tactical Officer
Security and Tactical teams

Vacant, Chief Operations Officer
Operations teams

Marine Captain Larok, Senior Marine Officer
Marine teams

Past Crewmembers of the USS Vesuvius (A) who went Trivia Only or Transferred:

Commander Jatan Reckus, Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Commander Phloyd Hedin, Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Commander Jamey Parker Gaz, Chief Counseling Officer
Lieutenant j.g. Claire Steenbergen, Chief Counseling Officer
Ensign Daniel McVaye, Chief Counseling Officer
Ensign Mira Syal, Chief Counseling Officer
Ensign Jere Opet, Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Commander Nick Martens, First Officer, Designer USS Vesuvius A
Commander Reman Jared, Chief Operations Officer
Commander Meylor Paht, Chief Operations Officer
Commander L'Ola Kanz, Chief Tactical and Security Officer
Lieutenant Commander Nephi Jacobson, Chief Engineering Officer
Ensign Nikaila Cir'kem, Chief Tactical and Security Officer
Ensign Alex James, Chief Engineering Officer
Second Lieutenant John M Brandy, Senior Marine Officer
Marine Second Lieutenant Trey "Keyosuke" Maverick, Chief Navigations Officer

Non-Playing Characters