Lelia Shackleton

Name: Lelia Shackleton
Rank: Lieutenant junior grade
Posting: Assistant Chief Tactical Offcier
Race: Betezoid
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4
Weight: 143lb
Home Planet: Betezed
POB: Betezed
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Betezoid, Engish.
Physical Overview: Lelia likes to spend time keeping fit but she doesn't want to become an un-attractive all muscle no brain person.

Mother: June Shackleton - Federation Legal Advisor.
Father: Kert Shackleton - Federation Ambassador.
brother: Chaz Shackleton - Ensign, USS Vallentine

Lelia led a prety ordinary childhood, she studied at the Prow-Shing empathic devepolment school where she graduated in a fairly average psoition. Lelia's brother was the same age as her, born only minutes before. He was brighter then Lelia and did better at almost everything. Lelia had never even conisdered joining starfleet until Chaz said that he was going to apply, this inspired Lelia to join to just so she could try to be better than Chaz at something. Four years later they both graduated and were sent to seperate ships.

Lelia was posted to the USS Glen-Avon as a Junior Tactical officer, she worked at this for a year before being promoted to Lt.jg and three months later she got transfer orders to move to the USS Pegasus as Assitant Chief Tactical Officer.

Personal Quote:
If it exists, its a weapon.

Lelia is alwys smiling, she is a very girly person who puts a happy face on almost everything.

Expert weapons knowlage, can make the grumpiest of people smile.

Always feels as though people are doing better than her.

Chocolate Milk.

Smiling and polishes her comunicator pin and pips when she has nothing to do.

Boredom, bannana milkshakes

Prow-Shing empathic devepolment school
Starfleet Academy & Weapons handling school

2371-2375: Academy/Weapons handling school
2375: Tactical Officer, USS Vallentine, Ensign
2376: Promoted to Lt.jg
2376: Tranfered.Asst. Chief Tactical Officer, USS Pegasus, Lt.jg

None to date.

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