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 5/06/02 - Major Webpage Update

 5/06/02 - USS ODYSSEY to be transferred to TF 21

 5/06/02 - Captain Cabrera made Division CO of new TF 21, Oddy Division Flagship

 5/05/02 - Commander Cabrera promoted to Captain

 5/05/02 - Proxima Crosspost to end May 10

 5/01/02 - 9 straight 100+ post months (Oddy with 183 for April)

12/04/01 - USS ODYSSEY named BravoFleet's Sim of the Week!

10/19/01 - USS ODYSSEY Named Bravo Fleet's Sim of the Week



Welcome onboard the USS Odyssey, I am Commander Joel Cabrera, the Commanding Officer of this vessel.  The USS Odyssey  is a PBeM role playing game and apart of Bravo Fleets Taskforce 72, The based in the year 2377.  The Odyssey's mission is to Explore strange new worlds as well as defending the boundaries of the Federation from enemy attack. The sim is brand new so I am short on players, almost all positions are avaliable.

     The Odyssey is a Prometheous Class Star Ship. She is stationed on the outer border of the federation. Her mission is to explore the unexplored and to protect the Federation.

    Welcome to the site, feel free to look around and if you like what you see join us among the Stars on the USS Odyssey.