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Comments (especially constructive criticism) would be appreciated.  My goal is to provide a site that both acts as a tribute to those who served and as a platform for education. 

Comments on the following are especially desired:

Accuracy - Did I get something wrong or was it confusing?

Accessibility - I tried to minimize the use of jargon and explain what I used.  If there is something you don't understand or had to go elsewhere to understand, let me know.

Interest - Did the site maintain your interest?  Anything which suggests itself for shorter or longer treatment?  Any other related topics you would like to see?

Pictures - Let me know if you have any pictures you would like to contribute to this site.

Stories, Reunion Info, etc. - Do you have any stories or comments to pass along from your experience or that of a relative or friend?  I'll try to post any stories about the Tuscaloosa or Wichita of general interest (I'll check with you first before posting anything unless you expressly tell me it's okay first).

To contact me, email me by clicking below on the appropriate link. Please help me out and keep the appropriate subject line.

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