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Welcome to the Crew Page for the USS Tuscaloosa and the USS Wichita.

This page is dedicated to information about, for, from and/or by crew members.  If you have information, please feel free to send it.  I am always looking for things to add depth to this site such a sailor's story, or pictures of the ship, people or memorabilia.

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Below are links on items submitted by crewmembers or their families.  These items will include submissions prepared recently as well as those prepared contemporarily with the war and its aftermath.  Modern readers are advised to read contemporary accounts and documents in the context of World War II which had cost 300,000 American lives and around 50 million lives overall.

WHERE USS TUSCALOOSA (or parts thereof) IS NOW. 5-inch gun

Thanks to Rhett D. Harrell, Jr. for providing pictures and information on the Tuscaloosa County (Alabama) Veterans Memorial.  Included within that memorial site is the mainmast from Tuscaloosa as well as one of her 5-inch guns.  Click here to view pictures of the memorial.


Read Garland E. "Buddy" Bell's recollection and analysis of propaganda leaflets he encountered while flying a scout plane from USS Tuscaloosa over the island of Okinawa.  Click here to read Buddy's article.


Here are two contemporary documents from the days following the Japanese surrender.

Rules for liberty at Shanghai, China, for USS Tuscaloosa (8 November 1945).   [Thanks to Garland E. "Buddy" Bell]

Contrast the above with

Orders for the day for USS Wichita including notes for landing parties at Nagasaki, Japan (11 September 1945).  [Thanks to Robert Alexander and Bud Browell]


For a profile of shipmate Francis E. McMullen (Tuscaloosa, B Division, 1944-45) compiled by students of a local Middle School, click here.

Bill Castan (Wichita) has a page on the site for National Association of Atomic Veterans.  Click here to see Bill's page.

After coming to the attention of the St. Petersburg Times, Bob Alexander was interviewed.  Although Bob wanted the article to focus on the Wichita (and not him), he was glad to see some credit for the ship.  Click here to see the article.
[Note: the reporter mistakenly refers to the heavy cruiser USS Canberra (CA-70) as an Australian heavy cruiser, confusing the U.S. ship launched in 1943 with its naming source of the Australian HMAS Canberra, which was lost in the Battle of Savo Island (9 Aug. 1942).]

Here is short biography on Charles Rozier of the Tuscaloosa. The biography dates from his time as Commanderaboard the destroyer USS Charles P. Cecil (DD/DDR-835).  Click here to see the short bio.

Here is a story from a page honoring "greatest generation" retired public employees about Ronnie Hayes aboard Wichita.  Click here to see the story about one-third down the page.

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