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HISTORYIntroduction to the history pages.
Short Histoy of USS TuscaloosaCovering the entire history of this ship, this brief history is condensed and adapted from its full entry in the "Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships."  
Press Relaease on USS TuscaloosaPrepared for Navy Day in 1944 (27 October 1944), this press release by the Navy Department describes some highlights of Tuscaloosa's war record from Pearl Harbor through the invasion of Southern France in August 1944.
FDR aboard USS TuscaloosaThis entry summarizes FDR's three cruises aboard Tuscaloosa in 1939 and 1940 and presents some related images including a photograph and speech from one of the cruises.
Short History of USS WichitaCovering the entire history of this ship, this brief history is condensed and adapted from its full entry in the "Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships."  
PICTURESIntroduction to the picture pages.
USS Tuscaloosa - full ship imagesVarious views of Tuscaloosa and an annotated line drawing.
Detail pictures relating to USS TuscaloosaVarious detail views of ships with features similar to Tuscaloosa.
USS Wichita - full ship imagesVarious views of Wichita.
USS Wichita - other imagesVarious views aboard Wichita, including a burial at sea and a detail view of Wichita while off Guam.
CONSTRUCTIONA quick look at the statistics showing how Tuscaloosa and Wichita were built, together with copies of blueprints used in the construction of Tuscaloosa.
GUNSA description of the guns aboard these ships, together with lots of pictures.
SEAPLANESInformation on the aviation capabilities of these ships and the primary scouting observation floatplane aboard, the Curtiss SOC Seagull.
TREATYA brief description of the naval treaties that affected the building of large warships prior to WWII.
NAVAL COVERS"Cover" is just a collector's fancy way of saying "envelope."  But some of these are not your standard envelopes as they commemorate various activities of the Tuscaloosa.
GLOSSARYA listing of some nautical terms and their definitions.  This is not an exhaustive listing, but should help.  Also, a quick description of large U.S. WWII warships.
CREWInformation about, for, from and/or by crew members.  Submissions of documents, stories and pictures welcomed.  Plus there is a shipmate locator and a discussion forum
VETERAN'S ASSOCIATIONInformation for members or potential members of the USS Wichita/USS Tuscaloosa Veteran's Association, including reunion information and a link on Veterans' Benefits with help on obtaining military records, replacement medals and some VA benefits.
LINKSLinks on general topics, historical topics, etc.
CONTACTIf you want to comment on the site or make suggestions, here is how to do it.  Plus, you can sign into the Guest Book. 
WHAT'S NEWRepeat visitors should look here for a quick summary of significant changes.

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