849 Class of USTC (University of Science & Technology of China)

Last Updated Oct. 29, 2007

(China News, Oct 2007) Wang, Bing has earned a scholarship from Chinese government and will be visiting a US university for a period of one year in the near future. Congratulations, Bing!

(Detroit News, Sept 2007) Wang, Zhengrong will probably be moving to the East Coast soon to join his wife and kids since his wife has relocated to Connecticut in the summer. Best of luck, Zhengrong, and please do come back to visit Detroit!

((China News, Jan 2007) Chen, Peimin has generously donated YMB10,000 Yuan to USTC Alumni Foundation (849 Sub-Fund) to help sponsor future 9th Dept. students! Thank you so much, Peimin!

(China News, Jan 2007) Zhang, Jiahua is finally getting married! Congratulations! Wedding will be on Sunday, Jan 21, 2007.

(Florida News, June 2006) Cui, Shiming has moved to Florida! Congratulations!

(Detroit News, May 2006) Sun, Dexing bought a bigger house! Congratulations!

(Detroit News, March 2006) Cheng, Menghua visited US, including Detroit (met Wang Zhengrong, Zhou Haili, Sun Dexiang and Cai Wenjia), Washington DC (met Li Hui, Huang Tao, Song Kai and Xu Zhicheng-839), New York, and Los Angeles. She really had a good time and we had too.

(Washington News, Oct. 2005) Hu, Kaicheng has moved to a bigger house (the new home phone: 425-895-0385) near his work, Microsoft. Congratulations!

(China News, June 2005) Zhou, Chuanjun was found! He is now the big boss of a Shenyang (of Liaoning Province, China) company! Cheers!

(North Carolina News, March 2005) Hu, Yuequan's 2nd son, Jonathan, was born on Feb. 27, 2005. Congratulations!

(Nanjing News, Feb 2005) Zhang, Haiying has created a website for 849 Reunion 2004. Thank you, Haiying!

USTC-849 Information (Univ. of Science & Technology of China, Class 849)

  • 蔡文嘉Cai, Wenjia (Wayne), Detroit, Tel:(248)828-3498(H),(248)854-3391(cell), E-mail: caifamily@yahoo.com
  • 陈培民chen, Peimin, (update 2/1/07) Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. Tel: 0574-87213005(h),13362451060(mobile). Email: chenpeimin@hotmail.com
  • 陈素琴 Chen, Shuqing, Tel: 13311861817(Cell). Email: suqinc@sina.com
  • 程梦华Cheng, Menghua, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, Tel: 574-87142168(H), 0574-7195273(O), 013805874332(Mobile). Email: mandycheng@nbip.net
  • 崔仕明Cui, Shiming, Florida, 954-917-9168 (h), 954-229-6611(w), updated June 2006. Email: smcui0@yahoo.com
  • 方青 Fang, Qing, Stanford University, Email: jqfang@stanford.edu
  • 冯镭Feng, Lei, Austin, Texas,(updated 7/2/07). Tel: (512)329-9629(H), (512) 463-9160(O), Email: lei849@gmail.com
  • 冯强 Feng, Qiang, Singapore, Tel: 0065-8730233(H), Address: BLK701, #09-331, Clementi West ST.2, Singapore 120701. Email: fqi2007@gmail.com(email last updated Jan 4, 2007).
  • 傅映津Fu, Yingjin, USA, Email: fu888@hotmail.com
  • 甘宾Gan, Bin, Tel: 13807806867, Mobile: 19977120273
  • 胡凯成Hu, Kaicheng, Seattle, Washington, Tel: 425-895-0385(H), 425-703-7590(w). Email: khu@microsoft.com
  • Hu, Yuequan, North Carolina, 203 Kurtner Court Morrisville, NC 27560. Tel: 919-465-1770(H) 919-767-3850(Work)
  • Huang, Jinping, 204 SE 15th Terrace, Cape Coral, FL 33990-2087 Tel: (239)458-4516 (H),(239)339-6210 (Cell). Email: jhuang_66@yahoo.com
  • 黄涛Huang, Tao, Tel: US,(703)471-6116(H), 703-433-8727(W), (updated March 2006). Email: tao_e_huang@yahoo.com
  • Jing, Jianxin
  • 雷达Lei, Da 广东 13332822368(Cell), Email: rad999@vip.sina.com
  • 李广超Li, Guangchao, Tel: (Beijing) (10)84864818 Ext. 61204 (w),13910039848 (mobile). Email: lgc@citics.com
  • 李晖Li, Hui, 13813 Mustang Hill Lane, Geithersburg, Maryland,20878,USA, 301-294-9276(H), 301-767-2810 x 209 (O)(work), 240-643-1634 (C). Updated June 2006. Email: huili_67@yahoo.com
  • 李明河Li, Minghe Tel: 0315-2047404(home), 13752736150(Cell) (updated 1/28/2007). Emaillminghe@sina.com
  • 李宇光Li, Yuguang, 广州, Tel: 020-81348806(H.), 84361723(O), Mobile:13924099168, BP: 020-83393388-34880 Email: lyg@lidafeng.cn
  • 刘卫东Liu, Weidong 长春, Tel: 0431-5682801-841(O.), 747(H),
  • 孟庆涛Meng, Qingtao, Beijing, Home: (010)63715186, Cell: 13601209797. Email: gtmeng1008@sina.com
  • 石敏Shi, Min, Atlanta, Georgia, US, Tel: 770-753-9075(H), Email: minshi88@hotmail.com
  • 宋开Song, Kai, Philadelphia, 215-872-0820 (cell - updated June 2006). kai_song@hotmail.com
  • 孙德祥 Sun, Dexiang (Dallas), Detroit, Tel: (313)322-4686 (work, Ford), (248)649-5095(H). Updated June 2006. Email: dxsun@yahoo.com
  • 唐如海Tang, Ruhai,上海, (updated 6/19/2002). 1141 of Tao-Lin Road, 2#502, Shanghai. Tel: 021-58859792(H), 021-58401623(O), Mobile: 13801648639. Email: ruhaitang110@hotmail.com
  • 唐雯,Tang, Wen, Tianjin, Tel: 13920502265. Email:w12401@email.mot.com
  • 王冰Wang, Bing, Shandong University. Tel: 13120780056(Cell). Email: wangbing@sdu.edu.cn
  • 王文斌Wang, Wenbin, 沈阳, Tel: 024-23416720(O.), FAX: 024-23834227, 024-13904028367(Mobile)
  • 王振榕Wang, Zhengrong (John), Detroit, Tel: US, (734)981-5913(H), (734)481-4418(work, GM), Email: jcwang3@yahoo.com
  • 吴晓岩Wei, Xiaoyan (Michael),(updated 6/14/2006),Dallas, Texas, Tel: 214-870-3514 (home), 972-759-1220 (O), 214-870-3514 (cell). Email: michael.wei@sbcglobal.net
  • 向力犴鸹犴鸹犴鸹犴鸹Litang Xiang, Email: ltxiang@foryougroup.com
  • Xi, Lifeng, (办公室)21-58886716(O), (21)52580332(H), 13916316153 (mobile) Email: lfxi@sjtu.edu.cn
  • 杨国学, Yang, Guoxue, Tel: 010-65391188-3812(O.),010-64366478(H.), 13901184965(Mobile), Email: yangguox@sina.com
  • 尹瑞荣Yin, Ruirong, GM-Shanghai, Tel: 021-28902941 (office) Email: ruirong_Yin@Shanghaigm.com
  • Yu, Haitao
  • 余文辉Yu, Wenhui,
  • 章海鹰, Zhang, Haiying, Tel: 025-5411776-2541(H.), 010-69644338-8301(O), 13951747771(Mobile). Email:seagle67@hotmail.com
  • 张彤Zhang, Tong, Beijing, 86-10-85299170(O), 86-10-65676773 (H), Mobile: 86-137 0117 7511. Email: tzhang@aya.yale.edu
  • 郑鹏Zheng, Peng, Dalian, China, Tel: (0411)4692018(H), 1382034688 (mobile, no area code is required). Email: zhengpeng51@hotmail.com
  • 周传军(update 7/2/2005), Shenyang, China, Tel: (24)86192065(H), (24)86582358(O), 13624016970(M), Email: zcjun999@sina.com
  • Zhou, Haili (Harry), (update 5/8/05), Northville, Michigan, Tel: (734)730-6196 (H), 248-488-6657(O), Email: ah_li2000@yahoo.com
  • 周远林Zhou, Yuanling 武汉, Tel: 13986231623(Mobile), Email: mygpswh@163.com
  • 郑庆和Zheng Qinghe: 合肥中国科大, 0551-3601497(H.), 0551-3601475(O.), 13909697587(Mobile)
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