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Hello and Welcome to my website.

My name is Justin Berry and I am a freshman at Ball State University. I am originally from the small town of Monticello, Indiana.."Home of Indiana Beach"

Here's a Park Map of Indiana Beach

I am majoring in Business Management for now. I will probably change it later on.

I live on campus at Ball State. I live in Hurst Hall which is part of the Lafollette Complex..aka The Ghetto

Here's a pic of the ghetto...lol

My best friend, John McCall, goes to Wabash College. I feel real sorrry for him because it is an all guys college. Sucks to be him.

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Check this out its cool.........its just a picture
My view on gays
My graduation hat toss

download filetopia it's free and its better than what Napster used to be

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