My Other Random Fanfic
Included on this page are stories stemming from the eclectic pool of my favorite stuff.  Once I like a film or person, I often find the desire to extrapilate upon bits and pieces of them.  Feel free to think I'm wierd....I'll agree with you.
My Fair Lady :  What's to Become of Him?
   --As we come to the last scene of the movie, we find Professor Higgins devistated at the loss of
        Eliza and groping to find some direction.  What's to become of him?
Further Adventures of the Young Sherlock Holmes
--As the events of the movie come to a close, Holmes is bereft and Watson is left behind. However,
        it soon becomes clear that the adventure is far from over....
Phantom of the Opera : Intervention
A boy is lost and alone, assailed from all sides, without a haven in the storm--that is, until
          Providence steps in to change the course of history....
Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes : A Princely Price
When an old and illustrious friend pays a visit to the Beekeeper and his partner, a case that could
          shake the foundations of the Empire begins to unfold....