Investment into Antalya - Turkey


Investment into Turkey for Tourism…

Now is the right time to invest

World tourism has shown phenomenal growth due to the introduction of transportation, the growth of international companies, the interdependence of national economies and insatiable desire of people to see the world.

World Bank studies state that the Mediterranean Basin, South America, receive the bulk of tourism. Turkey being a Mediterranean country has a potential of providing the investor with a satisfying financial rate of return but only if the hotels are well planed and well managed.

A new hotel or leisure complex is a very expensive and technologic investment. Therefore, the original planning decisions, the method of financing and the operating systems must be right. To provide a satisfying long term return and profit, all the stages must be well planed and well organized. Which can be only done by professional know-how and wide experience. Who ever the investor is, the project planer and executor must be a professional one.

This is an area to express my knowledge and experiences for the creation and management of a hotel, the company provides the prospective owner with a full range of services. The administrative staff has world wide experience. A hotel investment, it is a big decision, and it must be profitable one.

 Mustafa Üstünsöz