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Note to Surfer: This site has been hacked!

Feel free to read Mr. Boucher's essay on The Philosopher's Stone, if you wish, but know this: he knows a lot more than he's saying! Although he wisely equates The Philosopher Stone with The Holy Grail, he purports that the Great Secret was the fact that Jesus had children. If you believe this, you are naive my friend. Those of us 'in the know' had this information a long time ago and, to be quite frank, it's not that big of a secret anymore. No, that is not the secret coveted by the ancient sorcerer's. Mr. Boucher knows what it is. This is quite clear from his assorted works of 'art' and 'theories' presented inside this site; but he is either unwilling - or not allowed - to tell you the true secret.

So I will.

You see, The Philosopher Stone is a metaphor. It represents the greater possibilities of the self. As everyone knows, certain people have special gifts that allow them to perform extraordinary feats such as clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, polymorphism, etc. The Great Secret is this: Everyone has these abilities! A sorcerer is simply one who performs the necessary 'rituals' to hone these abilities. I place the word rituals in quotes here to emphasize the fact that there is in fact no true 'Sorcerer's Rituals'. All mystical rituals - be they Christian, Hindu, Druid, Native American, whatever - will help a Sorcerer get there. For they all preach the very same thing: the attainment of an altered sense of perception and visualization. The sorcerer understands that magic is simply proper visualization in the correct frame of perception.

Attaining an altered sense of perception can be achieved in a number of ways. Psychedelic drugs, meditation, lucid dreaming, fasting, even stress can all lead to an altered state of being. Finding which one works best for you as a sorcerer, may take time. Learning proper visualization will take time. Although the natural abilities of every sorcerer are different, even those very good at visualization, must still spend many hours training his mind. A good way to do this is to spend some time on a project. Although the alchemists were in fact making something quite incredible and currently only accepted as valid on the outskirts of science (m-state matter, most easily achieved with the element mercury), what they realized after the hundreds of hours of planning and execution was that they had also done a magnificent job at increasing their ability to visualize. The truth is, delving into any great project will do the trick.

Well... since you now know how to do magic, that makes you an Initiate - and you didn't even have to have your fanny whacked with a paddle! To become an Adept requires something much more difficult (and trust me, practicing proper visualization is difficult!):

It requires you to believe in yourself.

When I say 'you' I don't mean the 'you' that you project to co-workers, friends, family and loved ones. I mean the deep down 'I don't want to show anybody' you. There's no faking it; inner doubts count. The best way to achieve this great inner belief in oneself is commonly known as the Way of the Warrior.

A warrior is impeccable. He strives to do his best at every single thing he does, whether it's as grand as performing a violin concerto at the Met, or cleaning a toilet. No matter what, he does the best job he possibly can. What's more, he does not gripe about it if it happens to be unpleasant - warriors don't whine. A warrior tries to make every day to be as Phil Connors last day in the movie Groundhog Day. Now I should also state that a warrior is not perfect. Perfection is an impossible state of being, which is only to be be strived for, never attained. No my friend, warriors make mistakes just like everyone else. The thing that they do different is that they learn from them.

The way magic works is through the will and intuition. Using the power of the inner will, developed through The Warrior's Way, one visualizes what one desires, using techniques honed through the completion of The Great Project, in an altered state of perception, attained by whatever means appeals to you personally. Then you simply go about your daily life. Your intuition will do the rest. Through a process which modern science has only recently re-discovered and known as Chaos, your intuition will cause certain chains of events to take place, which will eventually lead to whatever is was you desired, to come to pass. The ancients, as I, prefer to view this more from the perspective of music (but then again, you say tomato...). All spells, no matter how great the power of the sorcerer, stand a chance of failure. This is the nature of the game. Greater power over altering your perception, better visualization skills and a truer belief in yourself, all increase the likelihood of success.

To close, I must also give you one warning: all magic involves something known as retribution. Think of this as a sort of universal balance payment, although this metaphor hardly does it justice. To put it simply: Whatever ye sow, so shall you reap. Use magic to bring evil and strife upon others, and you will be paid in kind.

Simon Little


The Philosopher's Stone
The Myth and The Reality
Chris Boucher

September 21, 2001


If you arrived at this site by any means other than a direct referral from myself, you almost certainly were looking to learn something about the mythological Philosopher's Stone. Although I do not claim to be an expert on the subject, I have formed an educated opinion on the matter, which I will present here. For an in-depth investigation of the subject, please refer to the books and links located in
Further Reading.

When I started this site I can honestly say I had no idea, at least on a conscious level, of what 'The Philosopher's Stone' really was or, in fact, that it even was a 'real' thing to begin with. I honestly just thought the name sounded cool for a site dedicated to a fun exploration of alternate theories of reality. That was the original conception for this site. It is, however, a living, maturing, evolving entity; and the direction it seems to be growing in makes the moniker I incidentally choose, ever more appropriate. As such, I feel it almost my duty to share with you what I've learned on the subject.

The Philosopher's Stone: The Myth
Part I

Lead to Gold

My knowledge of the nature of the philosopher's stone began with the following quote
I found on the net:

  "The stone, also referred to as the "tincture," or the "powder" (Greek xerion, which passed through Latin into Arabic as elixir), was allied to an elixir of life, believed by alchemists to be a liquid derived from it. Inasmuch as alchemy was concerned not only with the search for a method of upgrading less valuable metals but also of perfecting the human soul, the philosopher's stone was thought to cure illnesses, prolong life, and bring about spiritual revitalization. The philosopher's stone, described variously, was sometimes said to be a common substance, found everywhere but unrecognized and unappreciated."
(Encyc. Brit., 15th ed., 1976)

For many of you, this is probably the definition you were looking for. Given what I've learned through other sources, it seems a bit shortsighted or, at least, very vague.

The alchemists of old sought the philosopher's stone for it's rumored ability to transmute crude, raw metals such as mercury and lead to the finer metals such as silver and gold.

  "I saw in that fixation of mercury and all others we have done, mercury never made any kind of noise or explosion... We must note that the fixation made in my presence, of mercury into silver, was done in a quarter of hour and that the powder used by alchemists, was white; but for the fixation of mercury into gold, two hours and a strong fire were necessary at the contrary of the fixation of mercury into silver."
Crosset de la Haumerie (1670)

I've discovered that at the time in history when these rumors abounded, there actually were men who were said to have discovered the philosopher's stone who did come into enormous wealth. Remember too that at this time in the evolution of our civilization, virtually all information was passed orally. Anyone who has played the party game where a secret is passed around the room understands how oral transmissions of information can become distorted quite quickly.

As a scientist and chemist, I should probably take some time here to state the impossibility of such a 'stone' transmuting one element to another. But I won't. I will, however, say a few things about what it can't be. First of all, it could not be made of 'normal' matter. By that, I mean the elements that we all know (… and love. Honestly, I'm not a chem geek). I say this because, although transmutation of elements is both possible and known to everyone in the form of the sun, it also requires tremendous 'starting' energies to get the ball rolling. This is due to the electrons, which orbit every nucleus. They form a barrier, which forbids all nucleonic interactions except at extremely high temperatures. As there is no mention of hot-as-the-sun temperatures in any accounts of the stone, I think we can safely assume that this was not the case. Therefore, the stone could not be made of normal matter, as all normal matter is subject to this energy barrier.

Something it can't be doing is creating matter from 'nothing' or, conversely, banishing matter to nothingness. To transmute lead to gold requires the removal of (exactly) three protons and four or five more neutrons. These must go somewhere. It is the basic law of the universe that there exists an 'ultimate sum' of reality. Now this could mean that a lithium atom is formed (which has a molecular weight of 7) as a by-product, or, much less likely, that an earth-destroying quantity of energy is released. Even if you accept a quantity lithium on the side, there is still a megaton size nuclear bomb's worth of energy from the fission process that has to be accounted for in some way. We must now stretch beyond science and suggest that the 'void' somehow absorbs the energy. The yang becomes the yin. Or perhaps the mass of the 'stone' itself is increased. Perhaps the stone has to be 'defueled' by changing some hydrogen into helium after preparing precious metals.

Finally, I would like to suggest that you shouldn't be too put off by the fact that I've said the stone cannot be made of matter. Don't forget that at least 2/3 (%66.6…) of the universe is not made of normal matter. I of course speak of the infamous 'dark matter' which holds our galaxies in tow. There does, however, remain the question as to how one would control the dark matter stone

The Philosopher's Stone: The Myth
Part II

The Grail

Through reading a wonderful book entitled Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco, I also discovered that the Philosopher's Stone was simply an alias of The Holy Grail. (My choice in site titles now seemed quite serious) The references to the abilities to of the stone to cure illnesses, prolonging life, and revitalizing spirits, now seemed less out of place, since these abilities have long been attributed to The Grail.

The legends of the grail are difficult to separate from reality. From King Arthur's court to Godfroi de Boullion and the crusades, the tales are far too many to recount in this essay. Once again I will refer you to Further Reading if you desire to find an in-depth historical description of The Grail. However, to re-cap, the Grail is purported to be the same one used by Christ in the Last Supper. It is said to have magical properties, most importantly those of healing and the prolonging of life. The connection between origins of the stone and the grail, and their interconnections, may lie in the fact that Jesus Himself was referred to as The Rock.

When Godfroi 'discovered' The Grail, he also came into great riches. It is now commonly accepted that he found some of the great Solomon's treasure buried beneath the Temple site. But as great as these riches were, they paled in comparison to the other treasure he was said to have discovered. That discovery was a secret and, according to the sources I've read, apparently it was the secret; the great secret of the world from which all secrets - and secret societies - stem. A secret which, if it became widely realized, would most certainly change the world as we know it.


I of course, like virtually any human, was brimming with curiosity about what the secret could be. Isn't it odd… even though one knows that a certain piece of knowledge could drastically change one's life, quite possibly for the worse (or worst) there still exists a burning desire to possess this knowledge.

The Philosopher's Stone: The Myth
Part III

The Secret

The information about the great secret I'm about to so freely share with you was entirely gleaned from a book entitled Holy Blood, Holy Grail. This well written, easy to read, historical information packed novel was written by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln based on their research carried out for the BBC. As far as I trust the BBC, I also trust that the information presented in this book was an honest representation of what they had discovered, without exaggeration or embellishment. (I should also note that, as far as they believe their conclusions, which they present more as speculation than fact, I too believe their conclusions. I should also note that if the nature of the secret offends you, and it might, you should understand that I still believe that in fact every theory, including yours, is right)

The mystery begins with an error in oral or written transmission of information, just like in the party game; when the term 'Sangrael' was separated incorrectly into 'San Grael' - The Grail - instead of 'Sang Rael', or Royal Blood. The Gospels describe Jesus as a rabbi. What I hadn't realized to this point was that, at the time of Jesus in the Holy Land, all rabbis were married. Now, nowhere in the Gospels does it state directly that Jesus wasn't married. You would think that this piece of information, given it's clearly unusual nature, would have been mentioned, but it wasn't. In fact Jesus said "The sons of this age marry and are given in marriage." (Luke 20:36). This lends heavy credence to the fact that Jesus was in fact married. So… to whom?

Mary Magdalene, of course.

What's more, all rabbis were to have many children. To not procreate would be a glaring denouncement of the code of the times. Once again Jesus said: "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God." (Mark 10:14-15) It is most likely that Jesus also had children. It would seem that the Gospels of the New Testament, the ultimate source of truth for the Christian faith, are wrong - or at least incomplete.

Now, as big as the secret that Jesus had children may be, it still gets deeper. For, in fact, his descendants exist today and they know who and what they are - and so does the papacy in Rome! The rightful descendant of Jesus - Rex Mundi, King of the World, he who is king but does not rule - has been nurtured and protected through the ages be the likes of the Crusaders, the Knights Templar, Freemasonry, and the Prieuré de Sion.

"Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews?" (Mathew 2:1) asked the magi. It is quite well known that Jesus was a descendant of the Jewish House of David, and as such, a legitimate king. What is less well known is that Mary Magdalene was a descendant of the Jewish House of Benjamin. The descendants of House of Benjamin are the rightful heirs to Jerusalem. Therefore, as with many dynastic marriages, the Jesus and Mary chain of descendants would not only be rightful Jewish sovereignty, they would be rightful heirs to Israel! Godfroi de Boullion was in fact one of these descendants, and in capturing the Holy Land, he truly did regain his rightful kingdom, as he himself said. What he discovered was proof of his claim which has been used to control kings and the papacy, through blackmail, for centuries.

So there it is… The Great Secret!

It is understandable that this secret is, in fact, monumental as it affects Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths in a most profound way. As I mentioned, the papacy in Rome knows about this secret and, as a matter of fact, has been actively trying to suppress it for millennia now, going so far as to murder and attempt to erase from history at least one of the heirs (Dagobert II). It's interesting to note that when and if the rightful heir of Jesus makes himself known publicly, it could be considered something of a Second Coming. If this is the case, who best fits the description of the Beast in Revelations?

The Philosopher's Stone: The Myth
Part IV

The Truth

As monumental as the Great Secret is affecting, as it does, half the planet's people, it still only affects half. There are billions of Hindus, Buddhists, and Taoists, who will be affected very little, spiritually at least, by this revelation.

The yin to our yang.

What I've learned through the teachings of these faiths is that it is not the secret that is important. It is the search for the secret that matters: the Quest for the Philosopher's Stone. Ask yourself this: what are you going to do once you've acquired everything it is you want, be it wealth, fame, knowledge, whatever?

I'll tell you: You'll go on with your life. And you will want something else. As was so wisely stated in the I-Ching: change is inevitable.

The meaning of life is only found in the search for the meaning of life. 'Enlightenment', as spoken of by the Mystics, is the realization of this fact.

Yin, the creative force of life, the search for the secret,
and eastern spiritual culture,
gives rise to
Yang, life itself, the actualization of the secret,
and western spiritual culture.

Further Reading


Holy Blood, Holy Grail; by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln
Foucault's Pendulum; by Umberto Eco

Alchemy Web
Superconductivity and Modern Alchemy
Merovingian Order of the Holy Grail

The Philosopher's Stone: The Site

I would like to invite you to The Philosopher's Stone. A site dedicated to the search for the truth. Here I will explore with you new frontiers of ideas in science, art, and speculation.

This site was designed to expand your mind and consciousness through art, analogy, speculation and a presentation of theory, both scientific and whimsical, in hopes of discovering the true Theory of Everything (TOE). The Theory of Everything is the big one; the theory that explains all reality. You know... the universe, black holes, quantum, relativity, superstrings, probability, mind, consciousness, complexity, self, culture, society, civilization, quintessence, dark matter, Gödel, dreams, mysticism, psychics, archetypes, angels, the soul, and God. Like I said, the whole sha-(big)-bang. Although there truly is an overall goal to discover the TOE, we hope this site is also entertaining: a place where your mind can escape the fetters of reality. For only in stepping outside of reality can we truly discover what it is made of.

If the 'search for truth' truly is The Meaning of Life,
then this site truly is...

The Philosopher's Stone: Catalyst of Enlightenment
The Philosopher`s Stone: Catalyst of Enlightenment


This site contains material which may be found offensive by some.
This includes, but is not limited to, controversial opinions and
artistic depictions of male and female full-frontal nudity.
Furthermore, continued viewing of the material
has been known to cause accidental epiphany.


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