"Girly Blue Drinks"
Working Title: "Girly Blue Drinks"  
Length: 3-5 Minutes  
Media: DV (Sony Digital 8)  
Cast: Female (2)  
High Concept: Two girls talk about a major change, over drinks.  

(7-12-2004) Hey look, I still haven't done a darn thing with this. Which is actually more progress than some Hollywood properties.

(3-17-2002) Originally a short film for the "Umbrella Challenge" at the D.V.D.A. forum. Now it is just an exercise in maybe making a damn movie. The script is written, and I nominally have both of my two leads -- though they are busy girls. I need to find a location and then shoot.

This is my first attempt at film making, so there will be a lot of trial and error and error and error, I fear. And bad lighting.

I plan to edit it with Vegas Video... once I learn how to use it.

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