Our Health Care Benefits Are At Risk

Each of us works hard, not only for our wages but also for our health care coverage. We have an aging workforce more dependent than ever on these benefits. Most of us also have spouses and/or dependent children who rely on this coverage. Yet we have seen a steady erosion of these benefits over the past several contracts.

Over the past ten years we have gone from:

  • Universally accepted coverage to a plan with increasingly less acceptance

  • Flat-fee, low-rate prescriptions to a multi-tiered formulary plan with constantly changing drug coverage and rates as high as $30

  • No employee contribution to weekly premium co-payments

Our health care coverage is not a ďperk,Ē itís as much a part of our pay as our wages.  It isnít given to us, we earn it and have every right to expect that it will be maintained.  Unfortunately itís at risk, and the only way to protect it from further erosion is for all of us to stand up for it.

This message brought to you by the Solidarity Committee, USWA Local 6816, Unit 12.

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