Officers & Committees
District 10
Amalgamated Local 6816, Unit 12
Formerly USWA Local 6326

Representing the employees of
NICE Ball Bearings, an RBC Company

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Workers' Comp
Committee Appoints

Ron Dunn has been appointed chairman of our Workers' Comp Committee, replacing the recently retired Linda Pelfrey.  Ron, who has previously served as the committee's B-shift representative, brings with him a great deal of experience. In his new capacity as committee chair he will most certainly be an asset to our membership.

Bob Huster has also been named to the committee. He joins John Fenton, Jr., as the committee's A-shift representative.

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Executive Officers

John Fenton, III, President

Sharon Miller, Vice-President

Grievance Committee
Jim Asher, Chairman

Carol McIllmurray, A-shift

Ed Evans, B-shift

Shop Stewards
Ed Evans, Turning, B-shift

Negotiating Committee
John Fenton, III, Chairman

Sharon Miller
Jim Asher

John Haney
Ed Evans
Carol McIllmurray, Alternate
Solidarity Committee
Dave O'Neill
Maureen O'Leary
Joyce Harris
Bill Muth
Workers' Compensation Committee
Ron Dunn, Chairman
John Fenton, Jr.
Bob Huster
Evelyn Mallard
Mike Salukas
Health & Safety Committee
Jim Asher, Chairman
Training & Education Committee*
Lou Perry, Union Rep Hugh McGukin, Union Rep
Gainsharing Committee*
Carol McIllmurray, Union Rep Peg Kelley, Union Rep
John Fenton, III, Union Rep

* Joint Labor & Management Committees

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