District 10
Amalgamated Local 6816, Unit 12
Formerly USWA Local 6326

Representing the employees of
NICE Ball Bearings, an RBC Company

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Unit 12
Solidarity Committee

Dave O'Neill

Maureen O'Leary

Joyce Harris

Bill Muth

Negotiations Scheduled to Open
September 12, 2002

Contract negotiations are scheduled to open on Thursday, September 12th.  After this initial session we anticipate meeting with the Company on a weekly basis until the expiration of our current labor agreement.

Our negotiating team has been in touch with our union brothers at other RBC divisions, and has a pretty good idea of what to expect from the Company. Our wages, health care benefits, pension and retirees benefits are sure to be targeted.  It is therefore critical that we all join together and stand united in defense of that which we have worked so long and hard for.

Our Solidarity Committee was recently formed as a part of our Union's  contract negotiation strategy, and is intended to play a critical role in that process. The committee's importance as is reflected in its two equally primary responsibilities: 

  • Encouraging unity and solidarity among our membership, and

  • Making all necessary strike preparations.

The committee's members have taken these responsibilities seriously, and have been hard at work, supporting and strengthening our membership, since the formation of the committee.

Strike Preparations

Union leadership has no desire to see our contract negotiations end in a strike or lockout. At the same time, it is an absolute necessity that we be prepared for any eventuality.

Our Solidarity Committee will be responsible for coordinating any job actions related to these negotiations and has begun to make contingency preparations. Committee members have been in contact with both the International and Local to determine what financial and material resources will be available to assist us. They have also touched based with local municipal authorities to ensure that whatever may occur it is done in a civil and legal manner. Most of the committee's work involves "behind the scenes" efforts, but one very obvious activity is their work compiling a picket duty schedule. It is essential that they receive the full support of our membership in this endeavor. So please, make yourself available to them. Click here to view our picket duty schedule.

Messages from the Solidarity Committee

Our Health Care Benefits Are At Risk!

Our Pension & Retiree Health Care Benefits Are At Risk!

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