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This is an introduction to USWNTGA, a free Internet club dedicated to the one and only Team USA that I've decided to start.

In order to join USWNTGA there is one term that you all must agree on: That you are a true-blue USWNT fan. If the above term fits you to a tee, than USWNTGA is perfect for you. In order to become a member, just fill out the form located here

Keeper Titles are the best and most creative parts of becoming a member of USWNTGA. They are a way for you to become a "keeper" of something that is related to the team. For example, my maximum 3 Keeper Titles are:

Keeper of Tisha's backflip
Keeper of Julie's love for donuts
Keeper of Lil's love for Molson

Be creative and think of original titles, but the maximum titles that you can have are three (3). If I do come across two or more people wanting the same Keeper Title, I'll use the "first come, first serve" system. And if you are the unlucky ones to have to change it, I will notify you. Reminder: You can be the keeper of the same thing as somebody else, as long as your title is not word for word. For example: Somebody that is "Keeper of Mac's Dive.", is different than "Keeper of Shannon's Crazy Dive." etc...

Lost or stuck in picking out Keeper Titles? Check out my tips!

Becoming a member is easy --just fill out this form, and I will e-mail you back as soon as I can. But, as my time is very limited, and I have other commitments, I cannot guarantee that I'll get to your e-mail the day you send it out, but you can be sure you'll have a reply within a week or less.

Well, USWNTGA is not a fan-club, so there won't be newsletter or up-to-date info about the team, but USWNTGA is rather a 'connection' of USWNT fans. I will start an 'official' USWNTGA webpage, where you can see each member's name and their Keeper Titles...and maybe down the line, more things will come up. The 'official' web page will be an extension to my USA site, and members can interact at the Elo USWNT Fan Community

After becoming confirmed as a member of USWNTGA with an e-mail from me, you can add the title 'USWNTGA' and your Keeper Titles to your signature on your e-mails. That way, people will know you are part of this *very* elite group. <*vbg> Add your titles on message boards, and display them proudly!

In conclusion, I hope you will consider joining USWNTGA, there is nothing to loose. Membership is free, and it is another way to meet new USWNT fans. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me, for I would be very happy to answer any questions. If any of you have ICQ, and would like to contact me through there, my # is- 7597415.

Thank You!

-Elaine Sun
President and Founder of USWNTGA

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