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Last on May 289th, 2000.
lol...yes, it's May 289th...last updated May 28th!! :) ~elo
There are currently 186 members in USWNTGA!

Tisha, Tiffany, Tracy, Danielle, & Saskia: Thanks for Everything.

OTY is done! Thanks for all those who participated. :)

As promised, (but a month over due), there will be an Angel of the Month award. For the month of June, the 'angels' that are nomminated are those that participated in OTY. For all the members of USWNTGA who took part in OTY, I placed the mission icon beside your member listing. You should have received an email from me which will give you insturctions to find out how you can win the first Angel of the Month award. All eligable angels have until June 5th, 2000 to hand in their 'entry'...and voting for the winner will commence there after. Anyone can vote for the winner, but you will not know who the person is, as I do not want favortism! lol. Have fun!

The USWNT Guardian Angels is a group of USWNT fans.
We are dedicated fans who follow the team religiously :), and this is just one of the many clubs we belong to.

This club is unique, as members of the club have "Keeper" titles that make each of us stand out and be different. I hope you enjoy your visit, and if you would like to join...please do so! The more the merrier!

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