USY on Wheels Bus B 2001
Aint no mountain high....
Ain't no valley low...
Who's who in the picture?  (Left-Right)
Front Row: Stephanie Beren, Jamie Bleyer, Rachel Lasser, Shayna Hersh, Jaclyn Shor, Liz Brenner, Nikki Goddard, Rob Jacobs, Phil Fogel, Lauren Kanter, Yael Schochat and Rachel Schulman
2nd Row: Jordan Forman, Jared Margulies, Rob Bernstein, Cheryl Pruce, Davi Keisser, Josh Varon, Mike Seidenfeld, Jon Schwartz, Barry Cherno and Sean Chizzik
3rd Row: Lauren Turker, Matt Jaffe, Sam Eppy, Omri Levin, Scott Harris, Ben Snyder, Matt  Fruithandler, Joe Shelow, Allison Hantman, Merav Harris and Cindy Bosman
4th Row: Alana Moses, Brooke Feldman, Shari Rolnick, Yoni Martin, Marissa Saphirstein, Marissa Lobosco, Carrie Magelowitz, Abe Ozeck, Joe McCarthy,  Rachel Husney, Leah Bergman, Talia Kornfeld, and Stefanie Roberts.
Top Row: Nikki Greenspan, Mikey Berger, Laurie Turnof, Paul Lurie and Deb Lobel

Click here to look at some pictures of the amazing summer we had.
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