18/12/02 Uploaded my newest level "DM-CottomRock" another outdoor level
             Im really working my ass off lately, maybe i'll have
             to ask some money for it.. :)) also updated the Bat-
             tlefield level, the skybox was a bit crappy and looks
             much better now, also added some fog and stuff.
             check it out yaself in the download area

Uploaded another level! (yes im not sitting stil) its a nice outdoor level called
             Battlfield, it's somekind of open field with some
             mountains. finally there is some water and some
             sounds like wolves,birds and the wind :)
             Go check it out in the download section.

Uploaded my newest level "Sub-Zero" a level  with snow

Updated the BlackHills level, the bots didnt seem to get the sniper rifle they just
              walked by it  without picking it up, fixed that problem :) also added an
              UltraDamaga charger.

Uploaded my newest level "BlackHills" a nice level with terrain. enjoy!

Another level i'm working on :) also with terrain and it will be here for
             download soon.see screenshot. Dont have
             a name for it yet,so if you have a idea put it
             on the guestbook or something ;) Also
             uploaded a new tutorial about terrain. didnt
             wrote it myself. ;)

Uploaded my new level: DM-OsamasHideOut ;) you can find it in
             the Downloads section.

I stopt working on the chess level.. it didnt worked out the way i wanted..
             But no tears im working on something much
             better now. I finally understand a little of the
             terrain edeting tool. So im making a level
             with some terrain. heres a screenshot of
             how its look so far. maybe ill finish the chess
             level later..

Im working on a new level again, this time i want to make a level where
             everything is big, somekind of giant world.
             You play on a big table in the middle of a
             room. In the middle of the table there will
             be a giant chessboard, with movable chess
             pieces and stuff like that. Here a screenshot
             of how it's going to looke like, Offcourse it's
             far from done yet :)

Added a tutorial about making a room, its not much but its something to get
              you started :)

Made the lowgrav in DM-Satelite a little better, now a little bit less floating :)
              Not a big change but the level plays nicer now.

The guestbook is now working, so if you got questions or you  just
              want to talk about something, feel free to write in the guestbook.

Updated the Satelite level with Low-Gravity for an extra space feeling

Uploaded a new level "DM-Satelite" a level out in space on a satelite.
              A nice level with lotz of action!
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