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New counter
I decided to add a new feature on site it's a counter so now we can see if we got new people going on our site or if not :P
Posted by Renegade on Thursday 22th , July 2004
New member
A new member joined our clan today well he wanted to join a while before but I decided to add him today his name is Zero and he is really good at the mod CarBall but at classic ut hes not that good so evertone let's help him hehe so welcome in this clan Zero you should all add him to your msn list.
Posted by Renegade on Wednesday 21th , July 2004
New poll and shout box
I finally edit changed to make it with the nice blue border hehe so it's beautiful now and i fixed poll cause it was in french before now 100% in english and it is a new question so i hope you all like my site hum hum our site* :P
Posted by Renegade on Wednesday 21th , July 2004
Clan match against [Xcep]
We fighted against the good clan [Xcep] 312-30 yep a shame well for me it is that's why i decided to train minimum 8 hours a day and im serious you guys sohuld do same so to know some aobut match go in matches section there is also medals that i gave for participation just go take a look.
Posted by Renegade on Friday 16th , July 2004
New poll,server and clan match
Today i changed of poll cause we won't have the server open 24/24 7/7 cause it's uselss 9/10 of the time no one play in so server section will stay on but the server will only be open for clan matches for fun and etc... For the clan match now we will play it 3 vs 3 16th July at 1:30pm (GMT-5:00) Est (Canada) and it will be 3 maps of 15 mins with no time limit the clan we are fighthing is [Xcep] you can visit their site web here to members I selected for the match are Me :) of course Ripper and Alienhk if any of them aren't on at the right time about 15 mins before the match someone of the clan will have to replace him so tahnk you and happy fragging :)
Posted by Renegade on Saturday 3rd , July 2004
Medals changes
Hi I changed the medals a bit it's still the same things but it more easy to upgrade in medals anyway just go take a look :)
Posted by Renegade on Wednesday 30th , June 2004
New poll
Hi yep I changed the poll so please take 5 seconds and go vote it's quick and it's help a lot :)
Posted by Renegade on Wednesday 30th , June 2004
[T.C] server officially open
Yep today our server is officially open and will stay :D to know more about our server and stuff visit server section.
Posted by Renegade on Tuesday 29th , June 2004
New member and one kicked.
We have a new member called Horus it's the friend of W!LDZ3R0 and switchblades been kicked because he is never on and never registered to the forum.
Posted by Renegade on Tuesday 21st , June 2004
New UT 2004 patch 3236 for Windows and Linux is out.
UT 2004 patch came out yesterday so you can all download it on the download section.
Posted by Renegade on Tuesday 16th , June 2004
New Member from old NT clan of avp2
Today we got a new member his name is W!LDZ3R0 and his real name is Rob he was in our NT clan of avp2 with AlienHK and Blaze he was in mu section but he also got avp2 now so welcome back old  NT empire :)
Posted by Renegade on Wednesday 15th , June 2004
Ripper and dremond new ranks and some changes.
Hi today ripper become Colonel and dremond Commander and they both have new medals u guys should look at them and DeAtHiEv and Wolverine.be left the clan due to BIG inactivity and been kicked from it by me they maybe will come back later if they show activity.
Posted by Renegade on Friday 11th , June 2004
UT1 Map Pack is out
Hi all I made the ut1 map pack and it's finally out and hosted it is 86,6 mb and without zip it would be about 300 mb :P so you can download it on download section
Posted by Renegade on Friday 11th , June 2004
Chaos UT released
Chaos UT has been released 6 June sorry if I'm late so u can download it on millions of links so go in download section for it and have big fun there is still a lots of bugs but chaotic dreams the guys who made this game are working hard to fix them.
Posted by Renegade on Wednesday 9th , June 2004
New member
Today we got a new member he is from Scotland and his country is England and he can make maps and models his name is Dremond welcome Dremond.
Posted by Renegade on Friday 4th , June 2004
[T.C] new site
Due to the flash site being too long to load and some people that wasn't able to load the page I decided to change the site back again to html. Now site will be a lot master and updated daily and not monthly :) So I hope u are all gonna like it.
Posted by Renegade on Wednesday 2nd , June 2004

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