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Hi, my name is Julie Alverson.  I am a mother of three boys, of which all have severe food allergies.  Jordan, age 7, has a  food allergy to dairy & peanuts. He is anaphylactic to peanuts.  Joshua, age 3, is allergic to most foods.  I had found a few foods he could handle for a while but has now formed allergies to those foods.  He is on a mixture of Alimentum ready to feed & micro lipids.  He can now tolerate about 15 foods. Some of which are turkey, chicken, amaranth, yellow squash, cucumber, tapioca, rice, oats avocado, and arrowroot flour.  My third, Jarom, is 11 months old and has had food sensitivities to some foods and is growing out of those.  I am taking it slow with him and only time will tell  if he has true food allergies.  To say the least this journey has been  emotionally, physically, spiritually overwhelming.  My hope is that others may find joy and comfort through sharing my experience.


There have been times I have felt angry, overwhelmed, lost, alone & scared.  I want others to know that they are not alone and together we can help each other. 

Feel free to email me with questions or to share your own knowledge and experiences at


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