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Welcome to the personal web site of:
Dawn Palacios,
Independent Distributor of
E. Excel International, Inc.
"Where Science and Nutrition Meet"

Did you know that it is possible to strengthen your Immune System to prevent all types of disease and illness just by simply eating the right foods?  Nature has given us a wide variety of plant foods that are rich in nutritional content.  Eating these foods, given that they are grown and processed correctly, will feed and strengthen your body, allowing it to heal faster and prevent disease.
        In recent years, farming techniques have changed.  Due to the high demand on our farmers to produce large crops, we have become more and more dependent on chemical fertilizers, stimulants, and pesticides.  These man-made substances, combined with tired, depleted soil have left our modern foods surprisingly empty.
        On top of poor farming practices, processing techniques used today are just as lacking.  Often, foods are processed at very high temperatures, killing most of the remaining nutrition.  High temperatures cause proteins and other molecules to break apart, and this leads to an even greater reduction in the nutritional content of our foods.
        Because of this decrease in the quality of our food, is it any wonder that all types of disease and health problems are on the rise?  Disease and illness are the result of years of malnutrition.  When the body is nutritionally starved, the Immune System will become suppressed.  When this happens, you will be at higher risk for disease because foreign, disease causing agents that enter the body will be able to sneak past the defenses of the Immune System.  It is estimated that 90% of Americans are malnourished to some degree.  This is not from the lack of food, but from the lack of nutrition in our food.  It is only in recent years, that degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, AIDS, and many others have began to increase in amazing numbers!  The rise in degenerative disease rates is indirectly proportional to the decline of the quality of our foods!  This is not coincidence.
Despite all of this bad news, there is bright hope.  There is a new branch of science dedicated to the study of the relationship between immune and other body functions and proper nutrition.  This science is called Nutritional Immunology and it is the most promising field of study to help prevent most, if not all, diseases.  An Immune System that is fed with proper nutrition will be much more successful at defending the body.  But why does nutrition have such an effect on the Immune System?  Scientists still do not know.  All we do know for sure, is that for some reason, the body needs proper nutrition to function at optimum levels.
        What is proper nutrition?  Is it steak, eggs, and milk?  It is vitamin supplements?  Is it a miracle drug?  Is it produce from the grocery store?  Sadly, the answer to all of these questions is no.  In simple terms, proper nutrition is defined as 1) nutritious, wholesome plant foods that 2) have no medicinal properties, 3) are grown, harvested, and processed correctly, and 4) are eaten in a wide variety.  Nutritional Immunology studies thousands of plants and then selects only the most nutritious.  Each plant has unique growing and processing needs, therefore, each plant is grown and processed in the way that will preserve its natural nutritional value.
        Nutritional Immunology is the key to the future of health.  If you would like to learn more about this new science, please send me an e-mail.  You can also visit for more, detailed information.

Dawn Palacios
337 N. 700 W. #17
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