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You may want to read below about the new information we have added to our Media Library List, and items we are working on to make it more informative!

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Our son was born on November 16th at 7:03 a.m. in the morning at IMC Medical Center in Murray. He was 8 pounds and 2 ounces, all boy. Dorisa delivered C-section as was known would happen, and both are healthy, he was 20 � inches long. Dorisa chose his first name, �Keith�, and Keith chose his middle name �David� after his maternal grandpa and King David of the Old Testament. It was his second choice after �Staynor Nephi� which Dorisa forbade along with everyone else he brought the name up too. Dorisa returned to work this past Monday December 22nd and is doing well.

Info About Our Family Media Library

You will notice in our Family Media Library "Movie List" that we are now adding the "Director" in the far right column after the "Blue Boarder" So if you want to sort it out by directors, that will soon be an option. Also to the Left of the "Year" which we have added, and the number of movies we have in our Family Movie Library, you will find on the extreme Left, a yellow column of movies Keith has seen, ones he liked, and ones he thought were Great Movies. You may find it odd he hasn't seen a lot of the movies he records, but we have them in our movie library. Keith likes movies, but he is NOT a "Movie Buff" as one would characterize one. We are continuously adding movies for our, and your viewing pleasure, feel free to drop by and sign out a Video Tape or DVD disc if you live within the area, or are family!

We also would love to hear from you if you like to play board games! We have a game table and a whole cabinet of games, and would welcome company for games anytime! I will be posting our games on this site soon! We have plenty to drink (Non-alcoholic of course, and lots of snack food and pizza, and we are good company! Love to have you!


Loving Our Roy Home

We are loving our new home in Roy Utah, well it isn't exactly "New", it was built in 1974, but it is new to us, and we love it! If you haven't been here it is about 2,000 square feet, and has 3 bedrooms which can be converted to 4 if need be. It has a Family Room downstairs with a Wood Burning Stove and full bath, along with a Wash/Game/Office/Food Storage Room which Keith has turned the game table into a art work surface of LaVelle Edwards Stadium and the Family room holds our Theological Library and entertainment center with surround sound/Karaoke/CD/MP-3 and PS-2. The Master Bedroom is also down stairs. Up-Stairs are the kids rooms, another Bathroom, the kitchen/dinette and Living Room. There is a front door off the Living Room with a walk way to the drive way. We also have a side door leading into the oversized two car garage which has a back door leading to the back covered patio with 6 foot privacy fence surrounding the entire back yard with privacy gates. The front yard is fenced in with lower chain link fence, I think it is like 3 or 4 foot fence with a gate for the drive way if we want it closed, but we don't close it. We have an automatic garage door opener, and a utility shed in the back as well. The back yard doesn't extend from the house very far, but the side yard is pretty roomy on either side of the house which is nice! We have a very wide driveway with a basketball hoop and of course Keith painted a BYU basketball foul lane and 3 point line. So everybody who drives by our house already knows us as "The BYU House" because of the "Y" on the basketball foul lane! Keith loves that!

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