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Well, Chase the Can is our next big event. It is being held at Hastur Hobbies in Midvale, Saturday the 15th, registration ends at 1PM. Here is how it works. You bring 5 cans of food, and that is your entry fee. If you lose a game, you give your opponent a can, if you win, you take a can. At the end of the tournament, you trade in your cans for booster packs ! (1 can = 1 booster). We are also holding a raffle - you can bring 1 extra can of food to get a raffle ticket. Plus, you can purchase additional tickets for 1 dollar each, or 3 dollars for 5 tickets. All money and cans are going to the Utah Food Bank. Raffle prizes include rares, foils, mains, boosters, boxes of C/UC and more !!! This is going to be a 5 round tournament. For more information, contact Joe, either by email, or phone at 801-518-0824. SEE YA THERE !!!

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