Utah Mountain Bear / Man
My name is Clifford Johnson, I was born in the United States of America, in the State of Minnasota, in the month of June in the year 1958 my father is of Norway and English decent my mother is German, I have five sisters and a younger brother (I'm the third child in a family of seven kids).

I now live in the State of Utah, in the city of Provo / Utah Valley, I live alone in a three bedroom home that I'm buying, I work for the cities utility company as a Field Service Tech. - Collections.

I stand 6'-1", and heavy set, I have brown shoulder length / long hair, I love to wear a full beard and mustache (
thou on occation I will trim it to a goatee), deep hazel eyes, some tatoos, and friends say I have a killer smile.

I love the outdoors and camping, I can be found going to many Mountain Man Rendezous (
and yes I own and sleep in a Tipi when I camp), my mountain man name is Overload (I received that name when I overloaded my black powder 54 cal. rifle at a shoot - I now wear that name with pride), I cook and compete in Dutch Oven cooking competitions (and if I do say so I'm damn good at it too), I enjoy a dig in the mountains in my 4x4 or anywere it can take me (most of the time it is to go camping), Swimming, SCUBA diving (my newest passion), and going to Ice Hockey games (the Utah Grizzles are a great team), these are just a few of my many hobbies that I enjoy.

I also enjoy the fine things in life such as going to a Play, Concert, Museum, Fine arts and Art shows or going out to the Theater. I enjoy a variety of music styles from really hard rock to soft and mellow, Fine foods and a smooth drink (
cooked at home or eaten out), followed by a great cigar or pipe (I don't smoke that much only on occation like camping it is not a habit withme but i do like the taste of them), and of course I love good conversation over a cup of java, tea, or hot cocoa (it depends on my mood and who I'm with at the time).
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Pure MALE and proud of it - 100 % U.S.D.A. approved - No bull all BEAR
Clifford Johnson