The UhlTide and    Timmay Show
Cologne the Intern
Dave "UhlTIde" Uhl
Tim "Timmay" Neary
Colin "Cologne" Keys
    Hi, and welcome to the official page for the UhlTide and TImmay Show with Cologne the intern.  Our show airs on KZAG channel 16, and will be on in the fall semester either Wednesday at 8PM or Thursday at 9PM, depending upon where the program directors would rather have us.  Fall semester we got stuck with a bad time slot and as a result we had few listeners.  Hopefully by moving later we'll gain some more listeners. 
     About our show, we are a "morning show in the evening"  meaning we play some music, talk about anything from sports to school and anything in between, and we also try and make you laugh every once and a while.  The DJs each have their own job to do.  Dave is the voice of reason, keeping the show tasteful and on track.  Tim, when he shows up, plays the devil's advocate, even if he has no clue what he is talking about.  Colin or "Cologne" makes sure things stay interesting and do whatever it is an intern does. Our show, provided we get our Thursday time slot, will be preceded by the Excellent "Listen Closely" by Dave Anthony and Stephenie Eng.  So tune in and enjoy the "Kings of Teleradio."
About The DJs...
Dave "UhlTide' Uhl
Tim "Timmay" Neary
Colin "Cologne" Keys
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