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Statement of Purpose:
The University Diplomats strive to act as ambassadors of goodwill for the University of Tampa by promoting ongoing, strong and positive relationships among and between the students, alumni, administration, faculty, parents and the greater Tampa community.

Welcome to The Diplomats website!
Here you can find information about our leadership organization, our members, contact information, requesting Diplomats at your event and pictures from some of our past events. Enjoy your stay!

Message from the President:

There isnít a combination of words in any language that could fairly describe how you Diplomats make me feel. Being president of such an organization has been an indescribable experience for me. Itís been nothing short of a humbling honor and a tremendous opportunity. Katie Seamands, your life is about to be changed forever. The people in this room are going to make sure that that happens.

The privilege of being a part of the Diplomats and being in the presence of extraordinary individuals such as yourselves has always been mine. It is something I never took for granted. Not even for a moment and I promise that I never will. Not only have very single one of you changed my life, but you have shaped the Diplomat organization in your own very special ways. By extraordinary individuals, I mean the kind that change the very way the world works. I still can't believe I was able to trick you all into letting me lead you. Well that is un-important because it was an experience unlike any other and one that I will certainly never in my lifetime forget.

My wish, or you can call it my double dog dare to all you returning Diplomats is for you to try and get to the point where you no longer count your events, but you make every event count for more than itís worth. Donít wait for events to come to you, ask to do an event. Then learn from it. Take everything you can from it. Lastly, stay amazed. Stay amazed at what the Diplomats can do for you, and what the people around you are helping you accomplish. I was and still am amazed.

For all you graduating seniors, the world demands the qualities of a University of Tampa Diplomat and it is with my most sincere wishes that you all get everything youíve ever wanted in your life after this. I have never been more confident when I tell you that the mere fact that you are a Diplomat will help you get there.

I am going to miss you all of you. Iím going to miss keeping you for long meetings and pestering you to pose for dip group pictures at what you (at the time) may have considered the most inconvenient and absurd moment. You'll thank me in 10 years.

It has been an honor. Thanks for the opportunity, thanks for the fun and thanks for the memories that will never leave me. All the thanks in the world Diplomats.

Jessie Hsu 07'

Please email Katie Seamands (Vice President of Orientation) at kseamands@ut.edu if you have any questions or view our FAQ

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