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Statement of Purpose:
The University Diplomats strive to act as ambassadors of goodwill for the University of Tampa by promoting ongoing, strong and positive relationships among and between the students, alumni, administration, faculty, parents and the greater Tampa community.

Current Diplomats:
Arias, Ashley
Aydin, Timur
Bergmann, Stephanie
Bernstein, Sarah
Carey, Kathryn
D'Angelo, Chantelee
Davis, Daniel
Duprey, Hannah
Dutka, Stephanie
Felt, Krysta
Ferzoco, Andrea
Huth, Kelsie
Lochan, Lakshman
Lum, Alyssa
Mangano, Kendra
Marsicano, Lauren
Pavlich, Stephanie
Pugatch, Matthew
Rehman, Amber
Schnell, Laura
Sprehe, Kory
Sullivan, Lauren
Welch, Laura
Wilkin, Kaylyn

Radison, Megan

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