Delta Lambda Phi Colony at UT


The Purpose of Delta Lambda Phi

The foremost principle and ultimate goal of Delta Lambda Phi National Fraternity is to nurture a spirit of Brotherhood among gay, bisexual, questioning, or otherwise progressive men; and thereby enhance their lives through dignified and purposeful, social, service and recreational activities.

In pursuit of this goal, Delta Lambda Phi draws upon the traditional collegiate model of a Greek-letter fraternity to foster these extraordinarily strong bonds of friendship. Indeed, this bond does extend beyond mere friendship - it can only properly be described as Brotherhood.

What Makes Us Different

Several key things make Delta Lambda Phi unique. First, our membership is open to any male who is willing to accept our non descrimination policy, regardless of how they define their identity. This leads us to be a uniquely diverse organization. We don't have people from just one social class or location or ethnicity. Delta Lambda Phi is the most diverse organization I have ever seen.

Our pledge classes are limited in size, you get to know five or ten pledge brothers far better than you get to know eighty. Every pledge class plans and completes their own fundraiser and service projects. Working for a common goal together builds connections between people stronger than anything else. Even our national officers and board are volunteers.

What bonds Delta Lambda Phi together is working towards a common goal, not any building or money. It's a bond like nothing else.

--VJ Bolton, Founding Colony President