1/16/04 - DoC is recruiting weps and insta players for both UT and UT2003. Come see us for a tryout at irc.pgpn.com #docclan or email RedDragon here.

1/8/04 - Happy New Years!!! We lost our fisrt Proving Grounds match do to the fact that PG doesn't require ZP. That sucks so we are moving our ZP team back to OGL. All US ZP players need to go there and sign up so we can join the zp ctf ladder there. email me your username so I can invite you to join our team. Any Euro players who want to play on OGL should sign up also. Also ALL MEMBERS NEED TO GET TEAMSPEAK here.

12/18/03 - We are now on the insta 3v3 CTF ladder on Proving Grounds. We will also be joining the 2k3 insta 2v2 ladders as soon as our 2k3 people register. All members interested in playing on the ladders go to PG, put DoC for team, and ask RedDragon or any member who has allready joined for the joinword. If any weps players are interested in ladders, please let RedDragon know.

12/02/03 - Minion and Duud have both been promoted to Co-Leader status. Congradulations dudes. All members are required to get Roger Wilco for talking during matches.

11/26/03 - Our Euro IG team just joined the clan base ladders. Wish them luck. Also Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!

11/25/03 - I'm sorry guys, I'm bad about updating the news. The good news is that we are growing and are begining to scrim more. Before long we will be back on ladders and owning everybody!!! About this site, it's got major problems so I'm going to redo it myself - ][DoC][RedDragon.

11/6/03 - The New "Website" is finished... it's no new site at all. But a new design, i'm curious what u guys think of the new "DoC" design so plz leave a message at the forum for me... thanx: Dark Element

11/5/03 - I made a new DoC Website: It will be soon up
more info also SOON!!. Greetz Dark Element

11/4/03 - Added rules for starting new teams, added Practices and Scrims pages.

10/30/03 - Added new rules, and updated the members section.

10/28/03 - DoC now has #doc.ut, #doc.ig, and #doc.2k3 on irc.progameplayer.com for its three teams. Talk to RedDragon or Instereo to get the access you want in these rooms.

10/28/03 - DoC has restarted and chosen to keep it's original name. Positions to be filled are UT Insta Captain and UT Weps Captain. If you held one of these positions in the old DoC, and want to keep your position, email RedDragon at red_dragon08@yahoo.com. Also coleaders from the old DoC, if you want your coleader status back, please talk to RedDragon. At the moment coleaders are RedDragon and Instereo.

10/27/03 - All members stay tooned, DoC Reloaded comming soon, bigger and better then ever. DoC is about to be restarted with a new name and a face lift. Old positions(coleaders, captains, etc.) will not pass over to the new name, though all active members will be automaticly added. If you have a position that you want to keep please talk to RedDragon.

9/15/03 - Well, it's about time we get our site back up. The other is gone since Countex left. ][-XaN-Jr-][ is always willing to raise up the other DoC site. Also, If any one has any screenshots, email them to mailto:admin@xanjunior.com or DCC them to ][-XaN-Jr-][ or XJ on mIRC. K thnx!