The Beginning

  And so it begins. I've finally gotten over my horrible, lazy nature and made a web page. I'm utterly amazed. Really. It took a little longer than I thought it would and has caused a few more headache than it should have, but that's my fault. One of my friends decided to use reverse psychology on me to convince me that I had to use HTML. I couldn't bring myself to use pure code, so ended up making a combination of HTML and page builder pages.

   Er, the only thing really done in HTML is the framset, but I'm still proud of myself. At least I got that much done. Programming is really not my thing. Sadly enough,
all I did was the framset (and this page.) None of the links at the top work. Don't bother clicking on them. It's a waste of time. I'll have all that stuff up sooner or later.

***Later update*** I've actually managed to get all the sections up, even if they don't have much of anything in them. Hopefully the things in "stuff" will exist, I'll have a guestbook up, and I'll have finished playing with my livejournal by the end of the week.