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Syphon Filter 3
Is one great game. It has everything in it . It keeps you interested to the end and is easy enough to clear without cheats but hard enough for a challenge. Its a classic adventure game with levels in Afghanistan on boats in Ireland.
The game starts out in Japan as a sniper in a Hotel. It then goes into the past as they they give Testimony to the Supreme Court who is investigating the Syphon virus.
Other features in the game are the 2 player games in which you try and kill each other. The mini game is great which is assassination, evasion, retrieval and demolition.The weapons in this game range from  M-16 , Pk-105 to a cross-bow and laser.
I give this a 9/10
Driver 2
If you liked Driver you would like this game.But the Undercover section is very difficult. The cities you are in is Chicago, Havana, Rio, and Las Vegas.
The difference between Driver and Driver 2 is that you can get out of your car and get into different one or a truck or School Bus. You can sit and get secret cars.
There is a Multiplayer option and in that there is Take a Drive, cops and robbers, and checkpoints and Trailblazer.
I would give this a 7/10
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Linkin park: Hybrid Theory
This is one of the greatest albums since Nirvanas Nevermind. Thats says alot .This album has alot of  Parnoid lyrics . Great beats and rhythm.
I would give this album a 10/10 as every song is great.
The songs are:
One step closer
With you
Points of Authority(There best song)
By myself
In the end
A place for my head
Cure for the itch
Kerrang 2 The album
This Album is good well worth getting if you really like rock.But if you only kind of like rock dont bother wasting your money.In my opinion i would give it a 8/10.
foo fighters
papa roach
american hi-fi
alkaline trio
3 doors down
limp bizkit
less than jake
sum 41
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