Drive Thru Blues the stupid shit that happens when you are on drivethrough at a fast food restaurant
Neko the Kitty Very Funny, very cute.
Abstract GenderTwo boys while doing something they really shouldn't get a curse that turns them into girls
8-bit Theater A must read for any who have enjoyed any of the following games/systems. FF, D&D(old versions as well), or WW d10, WW MET
Red Stringa girl is put into an arranged marriage to someone she's never met, but wait hes not so bad after all.
Venus Envy
Ctrl-Alt-Del my other possible fave. another Gamer must-read
Sharing a Universe so medeival elfin princess escapes arranged marriage to modern day big city... how could this NOT be funny?
H! Building 12all the non-magical freaks you could possibly want sharing a dorm in a messed up campus... oh wait there is one demon...
Misfile two kids get the bad end of a clerical misfile of their fates.
Alpha Luna a girl discovers her hidden lupine nature for the first time
Low Road The world attempts to deal with a misunderstood goth girl with occult powers.... yes i know its usually the other way around, thats part of what makes it funny.
Lean on Me
Strange Candy group is transported through random Anime Cliches/genres.
Corner Alley 13 Imagine if all the fairytale creatures suddenly appeared today. ok now imagine that the world treats them worse than minorities today... now lets follow the story of one particular elf
The Wotch two boys discover and befriend a girl with magical powers.
Girl Genius Life of a girl in a supertech distopian society
Read the following two together, they like to do a lot of multistrip crossovers.
Queen of Wands
ENDED Feb 23, 2005, now going through authors notes on selected panels
Something Positive
Drow Tales
Lunatic Chaos
V.G. Cats
Cheer! the Wotch spinoff
Grey Matters
Happy but Dead
Venus Ascending - Venus Envy Spinoff
2 Kinds
Comic Mischeif
Go Girly
Lang Lang
Marry Me
MSF High
Pawn the one with the scholar and the demon
Peter is the Wolf
Planet Karen
Property of Gwen
Slightly Damned
Yosh! SAGA

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