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Greetings fellow fighting game fanatics! Have you mastered your favorite fighting game? Do you know every trick in the book? Can you dominated everyone at your area? Are you sure you deserve the right to brag? Well, Prove It Then! Come to the SJSU Arcade Tournament & put your skills to the test. Compete against people from all over the bay area in many of the latest popular fighting games NOW! Our tournament has been sanctioned by APEX. Do well, and you can have your name ranked with the best players of the US. Come and measure your skill, test you strategies, learn new tactics, meet new people, have fun, win money, but most importantly... Earn Your Bragging Rights! Ibuki

Our arcade has a clean environment, warm atmosphere, finely tuned controls, & features a wide variety of games. If additional space is needed, we can easily avoid over-crowding by moving a couple of games into the hockey table area. Our regular visitors have a wide range of skill levels for everyone to play & learn. Whether you're a scrub or a champion tourney veteran, everyone can always find competitors of their skill level here.

Note: You do not need to be a SJSU student to participate.

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