Dr. Utpal Sanyal, Ph.D.
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Dr. Suva Hazra
MY MISSION: Fight against Cancer, Tobacco Use, AIDS; Encouraging Blood Donation.
DO JOIN ME [Contact for details at : utpalsanyal@yahoo.co.in]

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: INDIA.        CITY: Kolkata (earlier Calcutta)

DATE OF BIRTH: 2nd December 1950.         

QUALIFICATIONS: B.Sc. (Chemistry) 1970,  M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry) 1972,  Ph.D.(Science) [worked in  synthetic organic chemistry in the Dept. of Organic Chemistry, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Jadavpur, Calcutta - 32] 1978, Calcutta University.

RESEARCH EXPERIENCE : Postdoctoral experence - 30 years at Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute [CNCI], Kolkata 700026, India, since my joining in 1978 as Scientific Officer.

PRESENT POSITION: Senior Scientific Officer I (Assistant Director Grade) and Head, Dept. of Anticancer Drug Development, since 1989.

RESEARCH INTEREST: Experimental cancer chemotherapy.

SCIENTIFIC PAPERS PUBLISHED as Chief / Co-author: 44 in reputed International (mostly)  & Indian  Journals. Selected papers: 1) New J. Chem. 32 ,105, 2008. 2)  J. Exp. Clin. Cancer Res. 26, 515, 2007. 3) Exp. Oncol. 27, 279, 2005. 4)  J. Chromat. B , 812, 259, 2004. 5)   J. Exp. Clin. Cancer Res. 22, 411, 2003.  6) J. Chromat.  A 1017, 225, 2003. 7) J. Exp. Clin. Cancer Res. 21, 609, 2002.  8) Cancer letters 155, 89, 2000. 9) Cancer letters 138, 107, 1999. 10) J. Med. Chem. 29, 595, 1986 etc.

PATENT APPLICATION:   3 granted Indian patents  in 2005, 2006  on new anticancer compounds. References: Patent No. 1: Octsulfamyl and Hexsulfamyl : Cancer Letters, 155, 89, 2000.  Patent No. 2 & 3: New nitrosourea compounds as Napthal-NU etc.  vide J. Exp. Therap. Oncol. 5, 15-22, 2005. J. Exp. Clin. Cancer Research, 21, 87 & 609, 2002; Napro-NU vide Exp. Oncol., 23, 260, 2001. Acta Polon. Pharm - Drug Res. 58, 351, 2001. Acta Polon. Pharm - Drug Res. 64, 27-33, 2007.  2 new patents applied: Indian  No. 4:  January 2007 & International PCT No. 5: November 2007.

AWARDS: Recipient of 1) National Science Talent Search Scholarship, Govt. of India in 1967. 2) International ICRETT Fellowship of UICC, Switzerland in 1997.

  1) Visited USA as visiting scientist in 1989 and 2) in 1997.
3) Presented papers on 'new anticancer compounds' & on cancer awareness entitled 'Stamping out Cancer'  in 18th UICC International Cancer Congress, Oslo, Norway, July 2002. 4) Presented oral paper on 'another group of new anticancer compounds' & poster entitled 'Cancer & Tobacco Control in India - Our Novel Approach for spreading Awareness' in 20th UICC International Cancer Congress, Geneva, Switzerland, August 2008. 

BIOGRAPHY included in 'Marquis Who's Who in the World 1998 (15th edition)'. 

LIFE MEMBER: Association of UICC Fellows, UICC. Indian Association for Cancer Research, Indian Chemical Society, Indian Association for Cultivation of Science etc.  Ex-member: 'New York Academy of Sciences'.

CANCER AWARENESS WORK:  Have developed 2 unique slogans 'SABDHANATA SWAGATA' in Bengali & 'KHATARNAK NISAN' in Hindi (Indian languages) describing early symptoms of cancer based on universally accepted English word 'CAUTION'. 

Working as Joint Principal Investigator, Tobacco Cessation Clinic, Kolkata since March 2005 [ funded by MOHFW, GOI  and WHO, India]

Author of  many articles [~85] on cancer, anti-tobacco, AIDS  awareness in the widely circulated daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines in Bengali and Hindi.

Blood donation: Have donated 19 times till October 2008

International Organizations who have helped me:

1) UICC (International Union Against Cancer), Geneva, Switzerland
2) World Health Organization Office at New Delhi, India
1) PHILATELY - Collecting stamps since 1963. Have a unique collection of anticancer & related stamps covering 26 aspects of cancer. Regarded as the LARGEST collection in INDIA and in ASIA. International Exhibition: 'INDEPEX ASIANA 2000'. Other remarkable collections: anti-tobacco, anti-AIDS, Blood donation.

These collections were reported in various English/Bengali Print media and telecasted in several TV channels of India.

Papers published on Cancer awareness: 1) Cover Illustration & short write-up. International Journal of Cancer 102, 10th December 2002, 2) Stamping out Cancer. British Journal of Cancer, 89, 16th December 2003, pp 2165-71.

Paper published on AIDS awareness: 1) Fight AIDS with 'AIDS' - Role of Anti-AIDS stamps on HIV/AIDS prevention. AIDS, 20, 24th October 2006, pp 2132-35.

Report published by IANS on my collection: 'Stamping out AIDS & Cancer' [10th Dec. 2007 referred by numerous agencies & websites. For details  type these key-words in Google search engine]

MATCHBOX COLLECTION [PHILLUMENY] since 1974. Have >30,000 items from all over the world. Considered as the LARGEST one in Kolkata. Member of the Virtual Matchbox Labels Museum, Russia.

The collection was reported in various English/Bengali Print media and telecasted in several TV channels of India.

NUMISMATICS - Collecting Indian coins and Paper notes with errors or fascinating numbers since 1990. Considered as one of the largest collection in Calcutta.

BIRD NEST COLLECTION: Have 9 different nests.

ORIGAMI - Practicing paper folds since 1972.  Participated in various exhibitions.

My wife: INDRANI, B.Sc.
My daughter : ISHITA, M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry 2004 (Calcutta University) [ GATE, NET(CSIR) Scholar]. Working as a SRF in the Medicinal Chemistry Division, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Jadavpur, Calcutta - 32.

My Ph.D.& other Students: Dr. Manju Ghosh,   Dr. Suva Hazra,   Dr. Anindita Sen, Dr. Rani Nanda, Mrs. Asama Mukherjee.              

My Colleague: Mr. Susanta Kr. Dutta

Names of National / International personnels who have helped my mission in various ways:

Prof. K.C. Agrawal, Regents Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Pharmacology, Tulane University Medical Centre, New Orleans, USA.

Colleagues from CNCI:  1) Dr. Sukta Das, Ex-Assistant Director & Head, Dept. of Cancer Chemoprevention 2) Dr. Twisha Lahiri, Ex-Director, CNCI,  & Head, Dept. of  Neuroendrocrinology and 3) Dr. Manas Ranjan Ray, Head, Dept. of Experimental Hematology & others

) Mr. Robert E. Lamb, Executive Director, American Philatelic Society, PA 16803, USA.

Dr. I. Pavlovic-Ruzic, Univ. Hospital Center-KBC Rijeka, CROATIA.

Mr. Rui Rodrigues, Madeira, PORTUGAL.

Mr. Veturio de Jesus Dias, Rio de Mouro, PORTUGAL.

Ms. Brita Baker, Head, Fellowship Division, UICC, Geneva, SWITZERLAND.

Prof. (Dr.) Harald zur Hausen, Director, Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Heidelberg, GERMANY.

Mr. Zbigniew Turowicz, Warsaw, POLAND.

Mr. Marcel Krier, Schiltigheian, FRANCE.

Mr. Rodrigo B. Bueno, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL.

Dr. George Savka, Uzhgorod, UKRAINE.

Director General, Bangladesh Post Office, Dhaka 1000, BANGLADESH.

Dr. Banasri Hazra, UGC Research Scientist, Jadavpur University, INDIA.

Mr. Batsayan Mukherjee, Kolkata, INDIA

Mr. Basudev Ganguli, Mr. Samindra Nath Sen, Mr. Sitansu Roy, Mr. Ajit Mondal, Mr. Satyabrata Sarkar, Mr. Arun Bhattacharya, Mr. H.G. Chakraborti, Mr. Samar Das, Calcutta, INDIA.

Mr. Sunil Prabhu, Mumbai, INDIA.

Mr. Subit Kumar Mandal, Hanoi, VIETNAM.

) Israel Postal Authority & Philatelic Service, Tel-Aviv-Yafo, ISRAEL.

Prof. Robin Weiss, Editor-in-Chief and Dr. Andrew Welsh, Editorial Office Manager, British Journal of Cancer, London, UK.

Mr. Sandi Novinec,Slonaklo, SLOVENIA.

Mr. Oman Attila, Balassagyarmat, HUNGARY.

) Dr. Jorg Hofmann, Inst. For Virology, Leipzig University, and Mr. Uwe Fersch, Mainz, GERMANY.

Mr. Debashish Mukherjee, Chief Librarian, Dainik Aajkal (newspaper), Calcutta, INDIA.

Mrs. Tapati Lahiri, Rhode Island, USA.

Mr. Ed. Burleigh, Editorial Co-ordinator & others, Editorial Office, AIDS JOURNAL, London, UK.

Mrs. Anuradha Gupta, New Delhi,INDIA.

28) Dr. Jiri Janu, Charles University, CZECH REPUBLIC.