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Hello Visitor

I am Utsav Verma. I am the student of BCA 5th semester at IBMFT Bulandshahar, U.P., India. I have a great interest in programming and I want to become a great software developer. The latest information about me is that I have joined Aptech computer education institute as a faculty member.

I have felt a problem on internet that I never got those things which I can use for cheating ;-) . I am providing this media. There is also several links on the left for the easy navigation. I think main characteristic of this site is easy navigation through pages.

I have introduced now new navigation method and a section C++ and my those articles which are published somewhere (Mostly in Sansthan), my institute's monthly news letter) or I have written them for my presentations.

There is some interesting programs. KBC and Tic Tack Toe. I am providing downloadable zip files of those programs.

If you have some questions or suggestions, Please mail me at

I am searching for some good challenges in VB or java. Can you send me some projects?

There is no segment to collect your suggestions and personal information because I can connect database (in the light of web) only with ASP which is not supported on this server. If you can tell me that how can I connect database with JavaScript or java applets, please tell me (may be link of any tutorial page).